Mussel_pop_main: Mussel bioenergetic population model

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Solves the bioenergetic balance for Mussel and simulates a population


Mussel_pop_main(userpath, forcings)



the path where the working folder is located


a list containing the time series in the odd positions and realted forcings in the even positions. Forcings returned are: Water temperature [Celsius degrees], Chlorophyll a concentration [mgChl-a/m^3], particulated organic carbon (POC) concentration [mgC/l] and its characterization in terms of C/P and N/P molar ratios, particulated organic matter (POM) concentration [mgC/l], total suspended solids (TSS) concentration [mg/l]


A list containing model outputs: weight, length mussel CNP, pseudofecies CNP production, temperature limitation functions, metabolic rates and oxygen consumption

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