Man pages for RAMpath
Structural Equation Modeling Using the Reticular Action Model (RAM) Notation

ex1Example data set 1
ex2Example data set 2
ex3Example data set 3
isNumericIs the input a numeric variable
lavaan2ramConvert lavaan output to RAM matrices
makeBridgeListGenerate all bridges
makePathListMake a list of effects
makeSpanListMake a list of spans
plot.lcs.powerPlot the power curve for each specified parameter
plot.RAMpathPlot the path diagram according to RAM path and bridges or...
powerBLCSPower analysis for bivariate latent change score models
powerLCSPower analysis for univariate latent change score models
ram2lavaanRAM model to lavaan model
ramBLCSConduct bivariate latent change score analysis
ramEffectSESobel standard error for a given effect
ramFitFit a model using lavaan based on ram input
ramFlipFlip the ram path
ramIndexTo be added
ramLCMConduct growth curve analysis
ramLCSUnivariate latent change score model
ramMatrixGenerate ram matrices based on ram input
ramParseLavaanlavaan to ram
ramPathBridgeGenerate path and bridges
RAMpath-packageRAMpath for SEM analysis
ramReFitRefit a model with additional paths
ramRmOneInternal function
ramShowModelShow the model using Lavvan model syntax
ramUniquePathGet the uniques paths
ramVFGenerate a vector field plot based on the bivariate lcsm
summary.RAMpathCalculate the total and individual contribution for each path...
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