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allAvailableSeriesList All Data Series Available for Download
B1Exchange Rates and TWI
B10TWI Weights
B13Historical TWI Weights
B2Wholesale Interest Rates
B20New Residential Mortgage Standard Interest Rates
B21New Residential Mortgage Special Interest Rates
B25New Interest Bearing Call Savings Account Interest Rates
B26New Interest Bearing Term Deposit Interest rates
B27New Interest Bearing Term PIE Deposits Interest Rates
B3Retail Interest Rates on Lending and Deposits
B4Foreign Exchange Turnover
B6Yields on Loans
C12Credit Card Balances
C13Credit Card Spending
C21Key Household Financial Statistics
C22Household Balance Sheet
C30New Residential Mortgage Lending by Loan-To-Valuation Ratio
C31New Residential Mortgage Lending by Borrower Type
C32New and Existing Residential Mortgage Lending by Payment Type
C35Residential Mortgage Loan Reconciliation
C40Residential Mortgage Lending by Debt-To-Income Purpose Use
C41Residential Mortgage Borrower Gross Income (BGI)
C5Sector Lending
C50Money and Credit Aggregates (Depository Corporations)
C51Other Depository Corporations Analytical Accounts
C52Depository Corporations Analytical Accounts
C55Other Financial Corporations Analytical Accounts
C60Credit Conditions Survey
C65Bank Customer Lending Flows
C66Bank Customer Lending Stocks
D10Influences on Settlement Cash
D12Standing Facilities
D3Open Market Operations
D30Holdings of Central Government Debt Securities
D31Non-Resident Holdings of Individual Bonds (Nominal Value)
D35Holdings of Kauri Bonds (Nominal Value)
D9Government Bond Turnover
E1New Zealand's Official Overseas Reserves
E2New Zealand's Position with the IMF
F3Bank Notes in the Hands of the Public
F4Coin Mintings
F5Reserve Bank Foreign Currency Assets and Liabilities
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J10Insurance: Income Statement
J20Insurance: Balance Sheet
L1Mismatch Ratios
L2Core Funding Ratio
L3Face Value of Funding by Residual Maturity ($m)
M12Population and Migration
M13Household Inflation Expectations
M14Survey of Expectations
M4Domestic Trade
M5Gross Domestic Product
M6National Saving (Year Ended March)
M7Balance of Payments and International Investment Position
M8Overseas Trade
M9Labour Market
R1Reserve Bank Balance Sheet
R2Reserve Bank Statistical Balance Sheet
R3Reserve Bank Analytical Accounts
RBNZAccess Data from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Website
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S10Banks: Balance Sheet
S20Banks: Summary Income Statement and Related Ratios
S21Banks: Income Statement
S30Banks: Assets - Loans by Sector
S31Banks: Assets – Loans by Purpose
S32Banks: Assets – Loans by Product
S33Banks: Assets – Loans Fully Secured by Residential Mortgage
S34Banks: Assets – Loans and Repos by Industry
S40Banks: Liabilities – Deposits by Sector
S41Banks: Liabilities – Deposits by Industry
SDDSNZ's International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
T1Non Banks: Balance Sheet
T11Savings Institutions: Balance Sheet
T21Deposit Taking Finance Companies: Balance Sheet
T31Non-Deposit Taking Finance Companies: Balance Sheet
T4Non Banks: Funding and Claims by Sector
T40Funds Under Management
T41Managed Fund Assets
T42Life Insurance
T44Other Registered Superannuation
T45Retail Unit Trusts
T46Cash Management Trusts
T47Wholesale Trusts
T48Wholesale Trusts and Other Funds
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