addWellCalib: Visualizes a measure for well calibration on the RBP curve.

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A measure for a well calibrated model can be obtained by grouping the predicted probabilities via deciles yielding 10 groups. The equally collored areas belong to a specific group. When each of the two equally collored areas are similar, the model is well calibrated.


addWellCalib(obj, plot.values = TRUE, subplot.control = list(diff = TRUE),
  col = shape::greycol(10L, interval = c(0.3, 1)), pos = NULL)



Data container for RBP curve.


Whether the values of the corresponding measure should be added to the plot? Default is FALSE.


[list] A named list of arguments that will be passed to barplot. Additionally, you can set diff = TRUE to plot differences of the equally collored areas or diff = FALSE to directly plot the areas of the equally collored areas in juxtaposed bars.


[character | numeric]
A specification for the the plotting color for the areas.


[list] A named List that determines the x and y positioning of a subplot that compares the areas in additional barplots (see subplot). Can be NA for no additional subplot. Default is pos = NULL for an auto positioning in the topleft quadrant.


A matrix that contains the average of the “probabilities within deciles” conditional on Y.

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