makeRBPObj: Create data container for RBP curve.

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Must be created for all subsequent plot function calls.


makeRBPObj(pred, y, positive = NULL)



Predicted probabilities for each observation.


[numeric | factor]
Class labels of the target variable. Either a numeric vector with values 0 or 1, or a factor with two levels.


Set positive class label for target variable which is transformed as 1 to compute. Only needed when y is a "factor".


Object members:

n [numeric(1)]

Number of observations.

pred [numeric(n)]

Predicted probabilities.

y [numeric(n)]

Target variable having the values 0 and 1.

positive [character(1)]

Positive class label of traget variable. Only present when y is a factor.

e0 [numeric(1)]

Average of the predicted probabilities conditional on y=0.

e1 [numeric(1)]

Average of the predicted probabilities conditional on y=1.

pev [numeric(1)]

Proportion of explained variation measure. Computed as e1-e0.

tpr [numeric(1)]

True positive rate.

fpr [numeric(1)]

False positive rate.

prev [numeric(1)]


one.min.prev [numeric(1)]

One minus the value of the prevalence.

axis.x [numeric(n)]

Values for the X-Axis of the RBP curve.

axis.y [numeric(n)]

Values for the Y-Axis of the RBP curve.

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