Man pages for RCPmod
Regions of Common Profiles Modelling with Mixtures-of-Experts

AIC.regimixInformation criterion for a regimix model.
coef.regimixA regimix objects coefficients.
cooks.distance.regimixCalculates leave-some-out statistics for a regimix object,...
extractAIC.regimixExtracts the AIC for a regimix model.
logLik.regimixThe log likelihood for a regimix model.
orderFittedAssesses classification error and re-orders parameters for...
plot.regimixPlots residuals from a regimix x.
plot.registabDiagnostic plotting to see if RCP groups are stable
predict.regimixPredicts from a regimix object.
print.regimixPrints a regimix object.
regibootBootstraps a regimix object.
regimixFits a regimix model.
residuals.regimixResiduals for a regimix object.
simRCPdataSimulates from a regimix model
stability.regimixDiagnostic checks to see if RCP groups are stable
summary.regimixSummarises a regimix object.
vcov.regimixVariance matrix for a regimix object.
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