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RCzechia: Spatial Objects of the Czech Republic


A selection of spatial objects relevant to the Czech Republic. Due to CRAN package size requirements (5 MB) the objects are stored externally (on Amazon S3) - and therefore could not be implemented as datasets. They are functions returning data frames instead.


To save time (and bandwidth) the downloaded objects are saved locally in 'tempdir' directory when requested, and downloaded at most once per R session; out of respect to CRAN Repository Policy a more permanent caching on user's side is not attempted.

This means that:

  • a working internet connection is required to use the full resolution objects

  • all objects need to be called with (possibly empty) braces

For the most frequently used objects - republika, kraje and okresy - a low resolution version is also implemented. The low resolution data sets are stored locally (and working internet connection is not necessary to use them).

All objects are implemented as sf data frames.

Administrative regions

  • republika - borders of the Czech Republic

  • kraje - regions / NUTS3 units

  • okresy - districts / LAU1 units

  • orp_polygony - municipalities with extended powers (obce s rozšířenou působností)

  • obce_polygony - municipalities as polygons

  • obce_body - municipalities as centroids (points)

  • casti - city districts (for cities that implement them)

Natural objects

  • reky - rivers

  • plochy - water bodies

  • lesy - woodland areas (more than 30 ha in area)

Other objects

  • silnice - roads

  • zeleznice - railroads

  • KFME_grid - grid cells (faunistické čtverce) according to Kartierung der Flora Mitteleuropas methodology

  • chr_uzemi - protected natural areas (chráněná území)

Utility functions

In addition three utility functions are implemented to support spatial workflow:

  • geocode - geocoding (from address to coordinates)

  • revgeo - reverse geocoding (from coordinates to address)

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