RDS: Respondent-Driven Sampling

Provides functionality for carrying out estimation with data collected using Respondent-Driven Sampling. This includes Heckathorn's RDS-I and RDS-II estimators as well as Gile's Sequential Sampling estimator. The package is part of the "RDS Analyst" suite of packages for the analysis of respondent-driven sampling data.

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AuthorMark S. Handcock [aut, cre], Krista J. Gile [aut], Ian E. Fellows [aut], W. Whipple Neely [aut]
Date of publication2016-12-27 19:19:33
MaintainerMark S. Handcock <handcock@stat.ucla.edu>

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Man pages

as.char: converts to character with minimal loss of precision for...

as.rds.data.frame: Coerces a data.frame object into an rds.data.frame object.

assert.valid.rds.data.frame: Does various checks and throws errors if x is not a valid...

bottleneck.plot: Bottleneck Plot

compute.weights: Compute estimates of the sampling weights of the respondent's...

control.rds.estimates: Auxiliary for Controlling RDS.bootstrap.intervals

convergence.plot: Convergence Plots

count.transitions: Counts the number or recruiter->recruitee transitions between...

cumulative.estimate: Calculates estimates at each successive wave of the sampling...

differential.activity.estimates: Differential Activity between groups

export.rds.interval.estimate: Convert the output of print.rds.interval.estimate from a...

extract-methods: indexing

faux: A Simulated RDS Data Set

fauxmadrona: A Simulated RDS Data Set with no seed dependency

fauxsycamore: A Simulated RDS Data Set with extreme seed dependency

get.h.hat: Get Horvitz-Thompson estimator assuming inclusion probability...

get.id: Get the subject id

get.net.size: Returns the network size of each subject (i.e. their degree).

get.number.of.recruits: Calculates the number of (direct) recuits for each...

get.population.size: Returns the population size assosiated with the data.

get.rid: Get recruiter id

get.seed.id: Calculates the root seed id for each node of the recruitement...

get.seed.rid: Gets the recruiter id assosiated with the seeds

get.stationary.distribution: Markov chain statistionary distribution

get.wave: Calculates the depth of the recruitment tree (i.e. the...

gile.ss.weights: Weights using Giles SS estimator

homophily.estimates: This function computes an estimate of the population...

impute.visibility: Estimates each person's personal visibility based on their...

indexing-methods: indexing

is.rds.data.frame: Is an instance of rds.data.frame

is.rds.interval.estimate: Is an instance of rds.interval.estimate

is.rds.interval.estimate.list: Is an instance of rds.interval.estimate.list This is a...

LRT.trend.test: Compute a test of trend in prevalences based on a...

LRT.value.trend: Compute a test of trend in prevalences based on a...

plot.rds.data.frame: Diagnostic plots for the RDS recruitment process

print.differential.activity.estimate: Prints an differential.activity.estimate object

print.pvalue.table: Displays a pvalue.table

print.rds.data.frame: Displays an rds.data.frame

print.rds.interval.estimate: Prints an 'rds.interval.estimate' object

print.summary.svyglm.RDS: Summarizing Generalized Linear Model Fits with Odds Ratios

RDS: This package provides functionality for carrying out...

RDS.bootstrap.intervals: RDS Bootstrap Interval Estimates

RDS.compare.proportions: Compares the rates of two variables against one another.

RDS.compare.two.proportions: Compares the rates of two variables against one another.

RDS.I.estimates: Compute RDS-I Estimates

RDS.II.estimates: RDS-II Estimates

rds.interval.estimate: An object of class rds.interval.estimate

rds.I.weights: RDS-I weights

RDS.SS.estimates: Gile's SS Estimates

read.rdsat: Import data from the 'RDSAT' format as an 'rds.data.frame'

read.rdsobj: Import data saved using write.rdsobj

reingold.tilford.plot: Plots the recruitment network using the Reingold Tilford...

rid.from.coupons: Determines the recruiter.id from recruitment coupon...

set.control.class: Set the class of the control list

show.rds.data.frame: Displays an rds.data.frame

summary.svyglm.RDS: Summarizing Generalized Linear Model Fits with Odds Ratios...

transition.counts.to.Markov.mle: calculates the mle. i.e. the row proportions of the...

vh.weights: Volz-Heckathorn (RDS-II) weights

write.graphviz: writes an rds.data.frame recruitment tree as a GraphViz file

write.netdraw: Writes out the RDS tree in NetDraw format

write.rdsat: Writes out the RDS tree in RDSAT format

write.rdsobj: Export an rds.data.frame to file


as.char Man page
as.rds.data.frame Man page
assert.valid.rds.data.frame Man page
bottleneck.plot Man page
compute.weights Man page
control.rds.estimates Man page
convergence.plot Man page
count.transitions Man page
cumulative.estimate Man page
differential.activity.estimates Man page
export.rds.interval.estimate Man page
faux Man page
fauxmadrona Man page
fauxmadrona.network Man page
fauxsycamore Man page
fauxsycamore.network Man page
get.h.hat Man page
get.id Man page
get.net.size Man page
get.number.of.recruits Man page
get.population.size Man page
get.rid Man page
get.seed.id Man page
get.seed.rid Man page
get.stationary.distribution Man page
get.wave Man page
gile.ss.weights Man page
homophily.estimates Man page
impute.visibility Man page
is.rds.data.frame Man page
is.rds.interval.estimate Man page
is.rds.interval.estimate.list Man page
LRT.trend Man page
LRT.trend.test Man page
LRT.value.trend Man page
plot.rds.data.frame Man page
print.differential.activity.estimate Man page
print.pvalue.table Man page
print.rds.data.frame Man page
print.rds.interval.estimate Man page
print.summary.svyglm.RDS Man page
RDS Man page
RDS.bootstrap.intervals Man page
RDS.compare.proportions Man page
RDS.compare.two.proportions Man page
[<-.rds.data.frame Man page
[.rds.data.frame Man page
[<-,rds.data.frame-method Man page
[,rds.data.frame-method Man page
RDS.I.estimates Man page
RDS.II.estimates Man page
rds.interval.estimate Man page
rds.I.weights Man page
RDS-package Man page
RDS.SS.estimates Man page
read.rdsat Man page
read.rdsobj Man page
reingold.tilford.plot Man page
rid.from.coupons Man page
set.control.class Man page
show.rds.data.frame Man page
summary.svyglm.RDS Man page
transition.counts.to.Markov.mle Man page
vh.weights Man page
write.graphviz Man page
write.netdraw Man page
write.rdsat Man page
write.rdsobj Man page


inst/tests/test-rds-ss.R inst/tests/test-differential-activity.R inst/tests/test-homophily.R inst/tests/test-rds-mc.R inst/tests/test-weights.R inst/tests/test-rds-II.R
R/gile-ss-util.R R/estimate-utils.R R/LRT.trend.R R/rds-II.R R/utils.R R/control.utilities.R R/data-import.R R/bootstrap-intervals.R R/differential-activity.R R/rds-doc.R R/estimate-plots.R R/wtd.stats.R R/weights.R R/rds.weighted.estimate-class.R R/bgk_kde.R R/rds.estimates.local.R R/control.rds.estimates.R R/errorbar.R R/data-export.R R/robust.inverse.R R/llmeC.R R/salganik-bootstrap.R R/gile-bootstrap.R R/summary.odds.R R/rds.data.frame-plots.R R/RDS.compare.proportions.R R/me.impute.R R/rds-I.R R/rds.interval.estimate.R R/homophily.R R/rds-ss.R R/rds.data.frame-utils.R R/rds.data.frame.R
man/rds.interval.estimate.Rd man/get.rid.Rd man/RDS.II.estimates.Rd man/show.rds.data.frame.Rd man/rid.from.coupons.Rd man/is.rds.interval.estimate.Rd man/vh.weights.Rd man/print.rds.data.frame.Rd man/RDS.I.estimates.Rd man/homophily.estimates.Rd man/assert.valid.rds.data.frame.Rd man/write.graphviz.Rd man/print.summary.svyglm.RDS.Rd man/convergence.plot.Rd man/is.rds.data.frame.Rd man/bottleneck.plot.Rd man/read.rdsat.Rd man/RDS.compare.proportions.Rd man/plot.rds.data.frame.Rd man/print.pvalue.table.Rd man/write.rdsat.Rd man/get.seed.id.Rd man/set.control.class.Rd man/is.rds.interval.estimate.list.Rd man/RDS.bootstrap.intervals.Rd man/summary.svyglm.RDS.Rd man/impute.visibility.Rd man/get.id.Rd man/extract-methods.Rd man/get.number.of.recruits.Rd man/cumulative.estimate.Rd man/as.rds.data.frame.Rd man/gile.ss.weights.Rd man/read.rdsobj.Rd man/get.population.size.Rd man/write.netdraw.Rd man/reingold.tilford.plot.Rd man/get.h.hat.Rd man/as.char.Rd man/get.stationary.distribution.Rd man/get.seed.rid.Rd man/LRT.value.trend.Rd man/transition.counts.to.Markov.mle.Rd man/fauxmadrona.Rd man/RDS.Rd man/get.wave.Rd man/indexing-methods.Rd man/RDS.SS.estimates.Rd man/get.net.size.Rd man/fauxsycamore.Rd man/faux.Rd man/control.rds.estimates.Rd man/print.rds.interval.estimate.Rd man/export.rds.interval.estimate.Rd man/compute.weights.Rd man/print.differential.activity.estimate.Rd man/rds.I.weights.Rd man/count.transitions.Rd man/differential.activity.estimates.Rd man/RDS.compare.two.proportions.Rd man/write.rdsobj.Rd man/LRT.trend.test.Rd

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