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Respondent-Driven Sampling

as.charconverts to character with minimal loss of precision for... a data.frame object into an object. various checks and throws errors if x is not a valid...
bootstrap.contingency.testPerforms a bootstrap test of independance between two...
bootstrap.incidenceCalculates incidence and bootstrap confidence intervals for...
bottleneck.plotBottleneck Plot
compute.weightsCompute estimates of the sampling weights of the respondent's...
control.rds.estimatesAuxiliary for Controlling RDS.bootstrap.intervals
convergence.plotConvergence Plots
count.transitionsCounts the number or recruiter->recruitee transitions between...
cumulative.estimateCalculates estimates at each successive wave of the sampling...
differential.activity.estimatesDifferential Activity between groups
export.rds.interval.estimateConvert the output of print.rds.interval.estimate from a...
fauxA Simulated RDS Data Set
fauxmadronaA Simulated RDS Data Set with no seed dependency
fauxsycamoreA Simulated RDS Data Set with extreme seed dependency
fauxtimeA Simulated RDS Data Set
get.h.hatGet Horvitz-Thompson estimator assuming inclusion probability...
get.idGet the subject id the network size of each subject (i.e. their degree).
get.number.of.recruitsCalculates the number of (direct) recuits for each...
get.population.sizeReturns the population size associated with the data.
get.recruitment.timeReturns the recruitment time for each subject
get.ridGet recruiter id
get.seed.idCalculates the root seed id for each node of the recruitement...
get.seed.ridGets the recruiter id assosiated with the seeds
get.stationary.distributionMarkov chain statistionary distribution
get.waveCalculates the depth of the recruitment tree (i.e. the... using Giles SS estimator
has.recruitment.timeRDS data.frame has recruitment time information
hcg.weightshomophily configuration graph weights
homophily.estimatesThis function computes an estimate of the population...
impute.degreeImputes missing degree values
impute.visibilityEstimates each person's personal visibility based on their...
indexing-methodsindexing an instance of
is.rds.interval.estimateIs an instance of rds.interval.estimate
is.rds.interval.estimate.listIs an instance of rds.interval.estimate.list This is a...
LRT.trend.testCompute a test of trend in prevalences based on a...
LRT.value.trendCompute a test of trend in prevalences based on a...
MA.estimatesMA Estimates plots for the RDS recruitment process
print.differential.activity.estimatePrints an differential.activity.estimate object
print.pvalue.tableDisplays a pvalue.table
print.rds.contin.bootstrapDisplays an rds.contin.bootstrap an
print.rds.interval.estimatePrints an 'rds.interval.estimate' object
print.summary.svyglm.RDSSummarizing Generalized Linear Model Fits with Odds Ratios
RDSThis package provides functionality for carrying out...
RDS.bootstrap.intervalsRDS Bootstrap Interval Estimates the rates of two variables against one another. the rates of two variables against one another.
RDS.HCG.estimatesHomophily Configuration Graph Estimates
RDS.I.estimatesCompute RDS-I Estimates
RDS.II.estimatesRDS-II Estimates
rds.interval.estimateAn object of class rds.interval.estimate
rds.I.weightsRDS-I weights
RDS.SS.estimatesGile's SS Estimates
read.rdsatImport data from the 'RDSAT' format as an ''
read.rdsobjImport data saved using write.rdsobj
reingold.tilford.plotPlots the recruitment network using the Reingold Tilford...
rid.from.couponsDetermines the from recruitment coupon...
set.control.classSet the class of the control list an
summary.svyglm.RDSSummarizing Generalized Linear Model Fits with Odds Ratios... the mle. i.e. the row proportions of the...
vh.weightsVolz-Heckathorn (RDS-II) weights
write.graphvizwrites an recruitment tree as a GraphViz file
write.netdrawWrites out the RDS tree in NetDraw format
write.rdsatWrites out the RDS tree in RDSAT format
write.rdsobjExport an to file
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