Man pages for REDCapR
Interaction Between R and REDCap

create_batch_glossaryCreates a 'base::data.frame()' that help batching...
metadata_utilitiesManipulate and interpret the metadata of a REDCap project.
redcap_column_sanitizeSanitize to adhere to REDCap character encoding requirements.
redcap_download_file_oneshotDownload a file from a REDCap project record.
redcap_metadata_readExport the metadata of a REDCap project.
redcap_projectA 'Reference Class' to make later calls to REDCap more...
redcap_readRead records from a REDCap project in subsets, and stacks...
redcap_read_oneshotRead/Export records from a REDCap project.
redcap_read_oneshot_eavRead/Export records from a REDCap project.
REDCapR-packageR utilities for interacting with a REDCap data system <URL:...
redcap_upload_file_oneshotUpload a file into to a REDCap project record.
redcap_variablesEnumerate the exported variables.
redcap_versionDetermine version of REDCap instance
redcap_writeWrite/Import records to a REDCap project.
redcap_write_oneshotWrite/Import records to a REDCap project.
replace_nas_with_explicitCreate explicit factor level for missing values.
retrieve_credentialRead a token and other credentials from a (non-REDCap)...
retrieve_tokenRead a token from a (non-REDCap) database.
sanitize_tokenValidate and sanitize the user's REDCap token.
validateInspect a 'base::data.frame()' to anticipate problems before...
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