Sample Data for RE-EM trees



This data set is consists of a panel of 50 individuals with 12 observations per individual. The data is based on a regression tree with an initial split based on a dummy variable (D) and a second split based on time in the branch where D=1. The observations include both randomly generated individual-specific effects and observation-specific errors.


The data has 600 rows and 5 columns. The columns are:

  • Ythe target variable

  • ta numeric predictor ("time")

  • Da catergorical predictor with two levels, 0 and 1

  • IDthe identifier for each individual

  • Xanother covariate (which is intentionally unrelated to the target variable)


Sela, Rebecca J., and Simonoff, Jeffrey S., “RE-EM Trees: A Data Mining Approach for Longitudinal and Clustered Data”, Machine Learning (2011).