RForcecom: Data Integration Feature for Force.com and Salesforce.com

Insert, update, retrieve, delete and bulk operate datasets with a SaaS based CRM Salesforce.com and a PaaS based application platform Force.com from R.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorTakekatsu Hiramura [aut, cre], Steven Mortimer [ctb], Alexis Iglauer [ctb]
Date of publication2016-07-19 08:15:08
MaintainerTakekatsu Hiramura <thira@plavox.info>
LicenseApache License 2.0

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RForcecom Man page
rforcecom.abortBulkJob Man page
rforcecom.api.getExternalIdFieldEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getFieldEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getObjectDescriptionEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getObjectEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getObjectListEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getRecordEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getRestEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getSoapEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getSoqlEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.api.getSoslEndpoint Man page
rforcecom.bulkQuery Man page
rforcecom.checkBatchStatus Man page
rforcecom.closeBulkJob Man page
rforcecom.create Man page
rforcecom.createBulkBatch Man page
rforcecom.createBulkJob Man page
rforcecom.debug Man page
rforcecom.delete Man page
rforcecom.getBatchDetails Man page
rforcecom.getBulkQueryResult Man page
rforcecom.getObjectDescription Man page
rforcecom.getObjectList Man page
rforcecom.getServerTimestamp Man page
rforcecom.insertBulkAttachments Man page
rforcecom.login Man page
rforcecom.logout Man page
RForcecom-package Man page
rforcecom.query Man page
rforcecom.queryMore Man page
rforcecom.retrieve Man page
rforcecom.search Man page
rforcecom.submitBulkQuery Man page
rforcecom.update Man page
rforcecom.upsert Man page

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