Man pages for RForcecom
Data Integration Feature for and

rforcecom.abortBulkJobAbort Bulk API Job
rforcecom.apiFunctions to connect API.
rforcecom.bulkQueryRun Bulk Query
rforcecom.checkBatchStatusChecking the Status of a Batch in a Bulk API Job
rforcecom.closeBulkJobClose Bulk API Job
rforcecom.createCreate a record
rforcecom.createBulkBatchCreate and Add Batches to a Bulk API Job
rforcecom.createBulkJobCreate Bulk API Job
rforcecom.debugFor debug use.
rforcecom.deleteDelete a record
rforcecom.getBatchDetailsReturning the Details of a Batch in a Bulk API Job
rforcecom.getBulkQueryResultRetrieving the Results of a Bulk Query Batch in a Bulk API...
rforcecom.getObjectDescriptionRetrieve object descriptions
rforcecom.getObjectListRetrieve a list of objects
rforcecom.getServerTimestampRetrieve a server timestamp
rforcecom.insertBulkAttachmentsInsert Attachments via Bulk API Job
rforcecom.loginSign in to the (
rforcecom.logoutSign out of the (
rforcecom.queryExecute a SOQL
rforcecom.queryMoreRetrieve remain records when executing a SOQL
rforcecom.retrieveRetrieve a record
rforcecom.searchExecute a SOSL
rforcecom.submitBulkQuerySubmit Bulk Query Batch to a Bulk API Job
rforcecom.updateUpdate a record
rforcecom.upsertUpsert a record
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