Obtain the access to the Management API

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To access summary information of the Management API Google Analytics RGA package provides the following functions:

Each of these functions return a table of data (data.frame) with the relevant content.

The functions such as list_webproperties(), list_profiles() and list_goals() can be specified with the additional arguments such as accountId, webPropertyId or profileId which are required to obtain the information for specific account, resource or profile (view the help pages for the corresponding functions). This is an example of obtaining the information on all views (profiles):


To get all profiles for a specific account try this:

list_profiles(accountId = "XXXXXXXX")

To get a more detail information about interesing entry use following functions:

Each of these functions return a set of data (list) with the relevant content.

To get information about specific filter in first you need obtain the filter ID with list_filters() function. Then use obtained filter ID to get more details about this filter:

list_filters(accountId = "XXXXXXXX")
get_filter(accountId = "XXXXXXXX", filterId = "YYYYYYYY")


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