RGoogleAnalytics: R Wrapper for the Google Analytics API

Provides functions for accessing and retrieving data from the Google Analytics API

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AuthorMichael Pearmain. Contributions from Nick Mihailowski, Vignesh Prajapati, Kushan Shah and Nicolas Remy
Date of publication2014-08-16 17:31:12
MaintainerKushan Shah <kushan@tatvic.com>
LicenseApache License 2.0

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Auth Man page
GetAcctDataFeedJSON Man page
GetDataFeed Man page
GetProfiles Man page
GetProfilesFromJSON Man page
GetReportData Man page
Init Man page
PaginateQuery Man page
ParseApiErrorMessage Man page
ParseDataFeedJSON Man page
QueryBuilder Man page
RefreshToAccessToken Man page
SetColDataType Man page
SetDataFrame Man page
SplitQueryDaywise Man page
ToUri Man page
ValidateToken Man page

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