GetSparseMatrixVectorDefaultMicrobenchmarks: Initializes the list of default sparse matrix-vector...

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GetSparseMatrixVectorDefaultMicrobenchmarks defines the default sparse matrix-vector microbenchmarks to be executed by the RunSparseMatrixBenchmark function. The current sparse matrix-vector microbenchmarks cover a variety of matrices of different dimensions and number of non-zero values. They are as follows:

  1. matvec_laplacian7pt_100 – 100x100x100 7-point Laplacian operator

  2. matvec_laplacian7pt_200 – 200x200x200 7-point Laplacian operator

  3. matvec_ca2010 – DIMACS10/ca2010 710145x710145 undirected graph matrix

See the documentation for the SparseMatrixMicrobenchmark class for more details.




a list of SparseMatrixMicrobenchmark objects defining the microbenchmarks to be executed. The microbenchmarks appear in the order listed in the function description and are assigned the names enumerate in the description.

See Also


Other sparse matrix default microbenchmarks: GetSparseCholeskyDefaultMicrobenchmarks, GetSparseCholeskyExampleMicrobenchmarks, GetSparseLuDefaultMicrobenchmarks, GetSparseMatrixVectorExampleMicrobenchmarks, GetSparseQrDefaultMicrobenchmarks

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