SetVerbose: Sets verbose mode on or off

Description Usage Arguments Value Author(s) References


Sets verbose mode on or off, verbose is a boolean component of the data structure HRVData that allows to specify if all the functions return additional information


SetVerbose(HRVData, Verbose)



Data structure that stores the beats register and information related to it


Boolean argument that allows to specify if the function returns additional information


Returns HRVData, the structure that will contain beat positions register, associated heart rate instantaneous values, filtered heart rate signal equally spaced, and one or more analysis structures


M. Lado, A. Mendez, D. Olivieri, L. Rodriguez, X. Vila


L. Rodriguez-Linares, A. Mendez, M. Lado, D. Olivieri, X. Vila, I. Gomez-Conde, "An open source tool for heart rate variability spectral analysis", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 103, 39-50, doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2010.05.012 (2011)

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