nonLinearNoiseReduction: Nonlinear noise reduction

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Function for denoising the RR time series using nonlinear analysis techniques.


NonLinearNoiseReduction(HRVData, embeddingDim = NULL, radius = NULL,
  ECGsamplingFreq = NULL)



Data structure that stores the beats register and information related to it


Integer denoting the dimension in which we shall embed the RR time series.


The radius used to looking for neighbours in the phase space (see details). If the radius is not specified, a radius depending on the resolution of the RR time series is used. The resolution depends on the ECGsamplingFreq parameter. When selecting the radius it must be taken into account that the RR series is specified in milliseconds.


The sampling frequency of the ECG from which the RR time series was derived. Although it is not necessary, if it is provided it may improve the noise reduction. If the ECGsamplingFreq is not supplied, the sampling frequency is derived from the RR data.


This function takes the RR time series and denoises it. The denoising is achieved by averaging each Takens' vector in an m-dimensional space with his neighbours (time lag=1). Each neighbourhood is specified with balls of a given radius (max norm is used).


A HRVData structure containing the denoised RR time series.


This function is based on the nonLinearNoiseReduction function from the nonlinearTseries package.


H. Kantz and T. Schreiber: Nonlinear Time series Analysis (Cambridge university press)

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