Man pages for RImpala
Using Cloudera 'Impala' Through 'R'

RImpalaA Package to interface R and Impala
RImpala_closeFunction to close the JDBC connection to Impala
RImpala_connectEstablishes a JDBC connection to a machine running Impala
RImpala_describeFunction to describe any table present in Hive's metastore
RImpala_initAdds the folder containing the jars for Impala in the...
RImpala_invalidateInvalidates the metadata of a one or all tables
RImpala_queryFunction to run a Query in Impala
RImpala_refreshRefreshes and loads the new metadata for the given table
RImpala_showdatabasesFunction to list all the databases present
RImpala_showtablesFunction to display the list of all the tables present
RImpala_usedatabaseFunction to change the current working database
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