Man pages for RKUM
Robust Kernel Unsupervised Methods

gkmKernel Matrix Using Guasian Kernel
gm3edcA helper function
gmedcA helper function
gmiA helper function
hadrHampel's psi function
halfunA Hampel loss function
halofunObjective function
hudrHuber's psi function
hulfunA Huber loss function
hulofunObjective function
ibskmKernel Matrix Using Identity-by-state Kernel
ifccaInfluence Funciton of Canonical Correlation Analysis
ifmkccaInfluence Function of Multiple Kernel Canonical Analysis
ifrkccaInfluence Function of Robust Kernel Canonical Analysis
lcvA helper function
lkmKernel Matrix Using Linear Kernel
mdbwBandwidth of the Gaussian kernel
medcA helper function
mvnodA helper function
ranufA helper function
rkccaRobust kernel canonical correlation analysis
rkccoRobust kernel cross-covariance opetator
rkcmRobsut Kernel Center Matrix
rlogitA helper fuction
snpfmridataAn example of imaging genetics data to calcualte influential...
snpfmrimth3DAn example of imaging genetics and epi-genetics data to...
udtdA helper function
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