Man pages for RMOA
Connect R with MOA for Massive Online Analysis

datastreamDatastream objects and methods
datastream_dataframedata streams on a data.frame
datastream_ffdfdata streams on an ffdf
datastream_fileFile data stream
datastream_matrixdata streams on a matrix
factoriseConvert character strings to factors in a dataset
MOAattributesDefine the attributes of a dataset (factor levels, numeric or...
MOA_classification_activelearningMOA active learning classification
MOA_classification_bayesMOA bayesian classification
MOA_classification_ensemblelearningMOA classification using ensembles
MOA_classification_treesMOA classification trees
MOA_classifierCreate a MOA classifier
MOAoptionsGet and set options for models build with MOA.
MOA_recommendation_enginesMOA recommendation engines
MOA_recommenderCreate a MOA recommendation engine
MOA_regressorCreate a MOA regressor
MOA_regressorsMOA regressors
predict.MOA_trainedmodelPredict using a MOA classifier, MOA regressor or MOA...
summary.MOA_classifierSummary statistics of a MOA classifier
summary.MOA_recommenderSummary statistics of a MOA recommender
summary.MOA_regressorSummary statistics of a MOA regressor
trainMOATrain a MOA classifier/regressor/recommendation engine on a...
trainMOA.MOA_classifierTrain a MOA classifier (e.g. a HoeffdingTree) on a datastream
trainMOA.MOA_recommenderTrain a MOA recommender (e.g. a BRISMFPredictor) on a...
trainMOA.MOA_regressorTrain a MOA regressor (e.g. a FIMTDD) on a datastream
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