RMallow: Fit Multi-Modal Mallows' Models to ranking data.

An EM algorithm to fit Mallows' Models to full or partial rankings, with or without ties.

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AuthorErik Gregory
Date of publication2012-02-21 17:27:29
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AllKendall: All Kendall's distances between two sets of rankings.

AllSeqDists: Calculate all distances between a set of sequences and a...

BestFit: Fit Mallows model N times and select most likely model. The...

C_lam: Calculate the normalizing coefficient for Mallow's model in a...

ConstructSeqs: Constructs sequences from Kendall Information matricies.

datas: Sample data set.

DistanceDistribution: Calculate the Kendall distance distribution in N! space.

elect: 1980 APA Presidential Candidate ranking data.

EStep: The Expectation step of the EM algorithm.

FormatOut: Formats the data in the "Solve" function for output.

KendallInfo: All information used to calculate Kendall's distance.

Lambda: Objective function to determine lambda.

Likelihood: Likelihood of the data and parameters.

Mallows: Fits a Multi-Modal Mallows' model to ranking data.

NextTable: Calculates the table of Kendall distances in (N+1)! space,...

Rgen: Initialize sequence modes for the clustering process.

RMallow-package: Fit Multi-modal Mallows' models to ranking data.

SeqDistribution: Calculates distances in N! space.

SimplifySequences: Change the form of ordered sequences.

three.mode: Fitted version of the toy datas data set, with three modal...

two.mode: Two-mode Mallows' model fit to toy data set "datas"

two.seq: Bi-modal Mallow's model fit to the APA data set.

UpdateLambda: Update the Lambda parameters of clusters.

UpdateP: Update Proportion in each cluster.

UpdateR: Update modal sequences in each cluster.


AllKendall Man page
AllSeqDists Man page
BestFit Man page
C_lam Man page
ConstructSeqs Man page
datas Man page
DistanceDistribution Man page
elect Man page
EStep Man page
FormatOut Man page
KendallInfo Man page
Lambda Man page
Likelihood Man page
Mallows Man page
NextTable Man page
Rgen Man page
RMallow Man page
RMallow-package Man page
SeqDistribution Man page
SimplifySequences Man page
three.mode Man page
two.mode Man page
two.seq Man page
UpdateLambda Man page
UpdateP Man page
UpdateR Man page

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