RMallow: Fit Multi-Modal Mallows' Models to ranking data.

An EM algorithm to fit Mallows' Models to full or partial rankings, with or without ties.

AuthorErik Gregory
Date of publication2012-02-21 17:27:29
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AllKendall: All Kendall's distances between two sets of rankings.

AllSeqDists: Calculate all distances between a set of sequences and a...

BestFit: Fit Mallows model N times and select most likely model. The...

C_lam: Calculate the normalizing coefficient for Mallow's model in a...

ConstructSeqs: Constructs sequences from Kendall Information matricies.

datas: Sample data set.

DistanceDistribution: Calculate the Kendall distance distribution in N! space.

elect: 1980 APA Presidential Candidate ranking data.

EStep: The Expectation step of the EM algorithm.

FormatOut: Formats the data in the "Solve" function for output.

KendallInfo: All information used to calculate Kendall's distance.

Lambda: Objective function to determine lambda.

Likelihood: Likelihood of the data and parameters.

Mallows: Fits a Multi-Modal Mallows' model to ranking data.

NextTable: Calculates the table of Kendall distances in (N+1)! space,...

Rgen: Initialize sequence modes for the clustering process.

RMallow-package: Fit Multi-modal Mallows' models to ranking data.

SeqDistribution: Calculates distances in N! space.

SimplifySequences: Change the form of ordered sequences.

three.mode: Fitted version of the toy datas data set, with three modal...

two.mode: Two-mode Mallows' model fit to toy data set "datas"

two.seq: Bi-modal Mallow's model fit to the APA data set.

UpdateLambda: Update the Lambda parameters of clusters.

UpdateP: Update Proportion in each cluster.

UpdateR: Update modal sequences in each cluster.

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