Man pages for RMallow
Fit Multi-Modal Mallows' Models to ranking data.

AllKendallAll Kendall's distances between two sets of rankings.
AllSeqDistsCalculate all distances between a set of sequences and a...
BestFitFit Mallows model N times and select most likely model. The...
C_lamCalculate the normalizing coefficient for Mallow's model in a...
ConstructSeqsConstructs sequences from Kendall Information matricies.
datasSample data set.
DistanceDistributionCalculate the Kendall distance distribution in N! space.
elect1980 APA Presidential Candidate ranking data.
EStepThe Expectation step of the EM algorithm.
FormatOutFormats the data in the "Solve" function for output.
KendallInfoAll information used to calculate Kendall's distance.
LambdaObjective function to determine lambda.
LikelihoodLikelihood of the data and parameters.
MallowsFits a Multi-Modal Mallows' model to ranking data.
NextTableCalculates the table of Kendall distances in (N+1)! space,...
RgenInitialize sequence modes for the clustering process.
RMallow-packageFit Multi-modal Mallows' models to ranking data.
SeqDistributionCalculates distances in N! space.
SimplifySequencesChange the form of ordered sequences.
three.modeFitted version of the toy datas data set, with three modal...
two.modeTwo-mode Mallows' model fit to toy data set "datas"
two.seqBi-modal Mallow's model fit to the APA data set.
UpdateLambdaUpdate the Lambda parameters of clusters.
UpdatePUpdate Proportion in each cluster.
UpdateRUpdate modal sequences in each cluster.
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