ROCt-package: Time-Dependent ROC Curve Estimators and Expected Utility...

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Compute ROC curve and expected utility for medical decision making, with and without censoring.


Package: ROCt
Type: Package
Version: 0.9.5
Date: 2017-02-17
License: GPL (>=2)
LazyLoad: yes

Several functions are available:

crude.ROCt This function allows the estimation of a crude time-dependent ROC curve,
\mbox{ } respecting the definition proposed by Heagerty et al. (2000).
net.ROCt This function allows the estimation of net time-dependent ROC curve, i.e.
\mbox{ } when the only cause of death is due to the disease.
EUt The expected utility theory allows the estimation of optimal
cut-of for medical decision making.
AUC This function computes the area under ROC curve using the trapezoidal rule
\mbox{ } based on two vectors of sensitivities and specificities.
adjusted.ROC This function allows for the estimation of ROC curve by taking into account possible
\mbox{ } confounding factors (IPW or placement values estimators).
adjusted.ROCt This function allows for the estimation of time-dependent ROC curve by taking
\mbox{ } into account possible confounding factors (IPW estimator).


Y. Foucher <>


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Dantan E., Foucher Y., Lorent M., Giral M., Tessier P. (2016) Optimal threshold estimator of a prognostic marker by maximizing a time-dependent expected utility function for a patient-centered stratified medicine. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 0, 1-13. <doi:10.1177/ 0962280216671161>

Le Borgne F. et al. (2017) Standardized and weighted time-dependent ROC curves to evaluate the intrinsic prognostic capacities of a marker by taking into account confounding factors. Manuscript submitted.

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