Man pages for RODBC
ODBC Database Access

odbcLow-level ODBC functions
odbcCloseODBC Close Connections
odbcConnectODBC Open Connections
odbcDataSourcesList ODBC Data Sources
odbcGetInfoRequest Information on an ODBC Connection
odbcSetAutoCommitODBC Set Auto-Commit Mode
RODBC-internalInternal RODBC functions
RODBC-packageODBC Database Connectivity
setSqlTypeInfoSpecify or Query a Mapping of R Types to DBMS Types
sqlColumnsQuery Column Structure in ODBC Tables
sqlCopyODBC Copy
sqlDropDeletion Operations on Tables in ODBC databases
sqlFetchReading Tables from ODBC Databases
sqlQueryQuery an ODBC Database
sqlSaveWrite a Data Frame to a Table in an ODBC Database
sqlTablesList Tables on an ODBC Connection
sqlTypeInfoRequest Information about Data Types in an ODBC Database
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