odbcSetAutoCommit: ODBC Set Auto-Commit Mode

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ODBC Set Auto-Commit Mode


Set ODBC database connection's auto-commit mode.


odbcSetAutoCommit(channel, autoCommit = TRUE)

odbcEndTran(channel, commit = TRUE)



RODBC connection object returned by odbcConnect.


logical. Set auto-commit on?


logical. Commit or rollback pending transaction?


Auto-commit is a concept supported only by ODBC connections to transactional DBMSs.

If a connection to a transactional DBMS is in auto-commit mode (the default), then all its SQL statements will be executed and committed as individual transactions. Otherwise, its SQL statements are grouped into transactions that are terminated by an execution of commit or rollback. Switching a connection to auto-commit mode commits the pending transaction.

By default, new connections are in auto-commit mode. If auto-commit mode has been disabled, a call to odbcEndTran or an SQL commit statement must be executed in order to commit changes; otherwise, pending database changes will not be saved.


odbcSetAutoCommit stops if channel is an invalid connection. The function returns -1 on error, 0 on success and on success with a message that would be returned by odbcGetErrMsg.


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