RODBCDBI: Provides Access to Databases Through the ODBC Interface

An implementation of R's DBI interface using ODBC package as a back-end. This allows R to connect to any DBMS that has a ODBC driver.

AuthorNagi Teramo [aut, cre], Shinichi Takayanagi [aut]
Date of publication2016-03-14 07:54:09
MaintainerNagi Teramo <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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dbClearResult,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbColumnInfo,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbConnect,ODBCDriver-method Man page
dbDisconnect,ODBCConnection-method Man page
dbExistsTable,ODBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbFetch,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbGetInfo,ODBCConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,ODBCDriver-method Man page
dbGetInfo,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbGetRowCount,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbGetStatement,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbHasCompleted,ODBCResult-method Man page
dbIsValid,ODBCDriver-method Man page
dbListFields,ODBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbListTables,ODBCConnection-method Man page
dbReadTable,ODBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbRemoveTable,ODBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbSendQuery,ODBCConnection-method Man page
dbUnloadDriver,ODBCDriver-method Man page
dbWriteTable,ODBCConnection,character,data.frame-method Man page
ODBC Man page
ODBCConnection-class Man page
ODBCDriver-class Man page
odbc-meta Man page
ODBCResult-class Man page
RODBCDBI-package Man page

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