Man pages for RODBCDBI
Provides Access to Databases Through the ODBC Interface

dbConnect-ODBCDriver-methodConnect/disconnect to a ODBC data source
dbDisconnectClose a current session.
dbExistsTable-ODBCConnection-character-methodDoes the table exist?
dbGetInfo-ODBCConnection-methodGet DBMS metadata.
dbListFields-ODBCConnection-character-methodList fields in specified table.
dbListTables-ODBCConnection-methodList available ODBC tables.
dbReadTable-ODBCConnection-character-methodConvenience functions for importing/exporting DBMS tables
dbRemoveTable-ODBCConnection-character-methodRemove a table from the database.
dbWriteTableWrite a local data frame or file to the database.
ODBCGenerate an object of ODBCDriver class
ODBCConnection-classClass ODBCConnection.
ODBCDriver-classODBCDriver and methods.
odbc-metaDatabase interface meta-data.
odbc-queryExecute a statement on a given database connection.
ODBCResult-classClass ODBCResult.
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