Man pages for RObsDat
Data Management for Hydrology and Beyond Using the Observations Data Model

addCVExtend controlled vocabularies
addDataValuesAdd, delete or modify data to the observations database
addISOMetadataFunctions to provide reference to data sources
addOffsetTypeAdd detail information about Offset.
addQualityControlLevelAdd Quality metadata vocabulary
addSiteAdd detail information about the observation site
addSpatialReferencesAdd spatial reference system
addSynonymAdd a synonym for one of the entries in any meta data table
addUnitsExtend controlled vocabulary for units.
addVariableAdd an entry to the variables table
assembleDataWhereClauseInternal functions to generate a where clause for access to...
check.versionInternal function: check if database connection is present...
chr2dateInternal: Convert character to date object and guess time...
expandVarInternal: make sure meta data information can be processed in...
exportSynonymsTransfer synonyms
getDataValuesRetrieve data from the observations database
getMetadataGet information about meta data
inherited_stfdfInternal: Class inherited stfdf
odm1_1-classClasses '"odm1_1"' and '"odm1_1Ver"'
odm.closeOpen standard SQLite database delivered with the package and...
reloadInternal functions: helping to do things
RObsDat-packageR-Package to the observations Data Model from CUAHSI
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