RPMG: Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Interactive R Analysis Sessions

Really Poor Man's Graphical User Interface, used to create interactive R analysis sessions with simple R commands.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2015-11-06 18:29:14
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <jonathan.lees@unc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aGETXprofile: Cross sectional profile through a digital elevation map

breakline.index: Break a vector into segments

butdoc: Button Documentation for RPMG codes

chooser: Iteractive Selection Winder

circle: circle coordinates

colwheel: Choose rgb from a color rectangle

cprint: dump assignment

endSCALE: Plot nice scale at end of trace.

fmod: Floating point remainer function

Gcols: Get Color Palette

getmem: Get Member

helpcolors: Help on Personal Color Palettes

HOZscale: add horizontal color scale

ilocator: Specialized Locator function

itoxyz: Matrix Index to Vector index

jpng: png or pdf output

jpostscript: Postscript Output

label.it: Labels on Plots

local.file: Get name for a Local file

meshgrid: Create a mesh grid like in Matlab

OPTREPLOT: Replot Function for SELBUT

pastel.colors: pastel colors

pickcolors: Pick a SYSTEM color

rainbow.colors: rainbow.colors

RESCALE: Rescale a vector to fit in a certain range

rowBUTTONS: Geometry for the Really Poor Man's GUI

RPMG-package: Really Poor Man's GUI: sets up buttons for a graphical user...

see.pal: plot a rectangular palette

SELOPT: Select Options

sepia.colors: Sepia Color Palette

setXMCOL: Set up color map from Geotouch

shade.col: Shaded Color Palette

SHOWPAL: Show a palette of colors as a bar

slideshow: SlideShow

textrect: Text labels with border

VVwheel: Make a color rectangle (wheel)

wheelrgb: Plot a large color rectangle for color selection

whichbutt: Determines which button was selected in RPGM

writeCOMMENT: write Code Comments

XSECDEM: Cross Sections Using RPMG

xyztoi: Vector Index to Matrix Index

ymarginfo: Get information on Y-margin for plotting


aGETXprofile Man page
breakline.index Man page
butdoc Man page
chooser Man page
circle Man page
colwheel Man page
cprint Man page
endSCALE Man page
fmod Man page
Gcols Man page
getmem Man page
hcl.colors Man page
helpcolors Man page
HOZscale Man page
ilocator Man page
itoxyz Man page
jpdf Man page
jpng Man page
jpostscript Man page
label.it Man page
local.file Man page
meshgrid Man page
pastel.colors Man page
pickcolors Man page
rainbow.colors Man page
RESCALE Man page
rowBUTTONS Man page
RPMG Man page
RPMG-package Man page
see.pal Man page
SELOPT Man page
sepia.colors Man page
setXMCOL Man page
shade.col Man page
SHOWPAL Man page
showtopopal Man page
slideshow Man page
textrect Man page
VVwheel Man page
wheelrgb Man page
whichbutt Man page
writeCOMMENT Man page
writeCOMMENT2 Man page
XSECDEM Man page
xyztoi Man page
ymarginfo Man page

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