RPMG: Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Interactive R Analysis Sessions

Really Poor Man's Graphical User Interface, used to create interactive R analysis sessions with simple R commands.

AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2015-11-06 18:29:14
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <jonathan.lees@unc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aGETXprofile: Cross sectional profile through a digital elevation map

breakline.index: Break a vector into segments

butdoc: Button Documentation for RPMG codes

chooser: Iteractive Selection Winder

circle: circle coordinates

colwheel: Choose rgb from a color rectangle

cprint: dump assignment

endSCALE: Plot nice scale at end of trace.

fmod: Floating point remainer function

Gcols: Get Color Palette

getmem: Get Member

helpcolors: Help on Personal Color Palettes

HOZscale: add horizontal color scale

ilocator: Specialized Locator function

itoxyz: Matrix Index to Vector index

jpng: png or pdf output

jpostscript: Postscript Output

label.it: Labels on Plots

local.file: Get name for a Local file

meshgrid: Create a mesh grid like in Matlab

OPTREPLOT: Replot Function for SELBUT

pastel.colors: pastel colors

pickcolors: Pick a SYSTEM color

rainbow.colors: rainbow.colors

RESCALE: Rescale a vector to fit in a certain range

rowBUTTONS: Geometry for the Really Poor Man's GUI

RPMG-package: Really Poor Man's GUI: sets up buttons for a graphical user...

see.pal: plot a rectangular palette

SELOPT: Select Options

sepia.colors: Sepia Color Palette

setXMCOL: Set up color map from Geotouch

shade.col: Shaded Color Palette

SHOWPAL: Show a palette of colors as a bar

slideshow: SlideShow

textrect: Text labels with border

VVwheel: Make a color rectangle (wheel)

wheelrgb: Plot a large color rectangle for color selection

whichbutt: Determines which button was selected in RPGM

writeCOMMENT: write Code Comments

XSECDEM: Cross Sections Using RPMG

xyztoi: Vector Index to Matrix Index

ymarginfo: Get information on Y-margin for plotting

Files in this package

RPMG/R/aGETXprofile.R RPMG/R/RESCALE.R RPMG/R/ymarginfo.R RPMG/R/Gcols.R RPMG/R/jpng.R RPMG/R/hcl.colors.R RPMG/R/cprint.R RPMG/R/label.it.R RPMG/R/itoxyz.R RPMG/R/SHOWPAL.R RPMG/R/VVwheel.R RPMG/R/circle.R RPMG/R/endSCALE.R RPMG/R/HOZscale.R RPMG/R/pickcolors.R RPMG/R/meshgrid.R RPMG/R/jpostscript.R RPMG/R/ilocator.R RPMG/R/textrect.R RPMG/R/butdoc.R RPMG/R/local.file.R RPMG/R/sepia.colors.R RPMG/R/see.pal.R RPMG/R/rowBUTTONS.R RPMG/R/fmod.R RPMG/R/OPTREPLOT.R RPMG/R/whichbutt.R RPMG/R/getmem.R RPMG/R/breakline.index.R RPMG/R/pastel.colors.R RPMG/R/helpcolors.R RPMG/R/rainbow.colors.R RPMG/R/shade.col.R RPMG/R/writeCOMMENT.R RPMG/R/colwheel.R RPMG/R/chooser.R RPMG/R/wheelrgb.R RPMG/R/XSECDEM.R RPMG/R/SELOPT.R RPMG/R/slideshow.R RPMG/R/setXMCOL.R
RPMG/man/HOZscale.Rd RPMG/man/helpcolors.Rd RPMG/man/butdoc.Rd RPMG/man/breakline.index.Rd RPMG/man/fmod.Rd RPMG/man/see.pal.Rd RPMG/man/ymarginfo.Rd RPMG/man/Gcols.Rd RPMG/man/textrect.Rd RPMG/man/jpng.Rd RPMG/man/itoxyz.Rd RPMG/man/shade.col.Rd RPMG/man/xyztoi.Rd RPMG/man/writeCOMMENT.Rd RPMG/man/setXMCOL.Rd RPMG/man/whichbutt.Rd RPMG/man/rainbow.colors.Rd RPMG/man/label.it.Rd RPMG/man/sepia.colors.Rd RPMG/man/pickcolors.Rd RPMG/man/aGETXprofile.Rd RPMG/man/OPTREPLOT.Rd RPMG/man/pastel.colors.Rd RPMG/man/cprint.Rd RPMG/man/RESCALE.Rd RPMG/man/XSECDEM.Rd RPMG/man/meshgrid.Rd RPMG/man/slideshow.Rd RPMG/man/getmem.Rd RPMG/man/colwheel.Rd RPMG/man/endSCALE.Rd RPMG/man/wheelrgb.Rd RPMG/man/RPMG-package.Rd RPMG/man/chooser.Rd RPMG/man/rowBUTTONS.Rd RPMG/man/VVwheel.Rd RPMG/man/ilocator.Rd RPMG/man/SELOPT.Rd RPMG/man/circle.Rd RPMG/man/jpostscript.Rd RPMG/man/SHOWPAL.Rd RPMG/man/local.file.Rd

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