Man pages for RPMG
Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Interactive R Analysis Sessions

aGETXprofileCross sectional profile through a digital elevation map
breakline.indexBreak a vector into segments
butdocButton Documentation for RPMG codes
chooserIteractive Selection Winder
circlecircle coordinates
colwheelChoose rgb from a color rectangle
cprintdump assignment
endSCALEPlot nice scale at end of trace.
fmodFloating point remainer function
GcolsGet Color Palette
getmemGet Member
helpcolorsHelp on Personal Color Palettes
HOZscaleadd horizontal color scale
ilocatorSpecialized Locator function
itoxyzMatrix Index to Vector index
jpngpng or pdf output
jpostscriptPostscript Output
label.itLabels on Plots
local.fileGet name for a Local file
meshgridCreate a mesh grid like in Matlab
OPTREPLOTReplot Function for SELBUT
pastel.colorspastel colors
pickcolorsPick a SYSTEM color
RESCALERescale a vector to fit in a certain range
rowBUTTONSGeometry for the Really Poor Man's GUI
RPMG-packageReally Poor Man's GUI: sets up buttons for a graphical user...
see.palplot a rectangular palette
SELOPTSelect Options
sepia.colorsSepia Color Palette
setXMCOLSet up color map from Geotouch
shade.colShaded Color Palette
SHOWPALShow a palette of colors as a bar
textrectText labels with border
VVwheelMake a color rectangle (wheel)
wheelrgbPlot a large color rectangle for color selection
whichbuttDetermines which button was selected in RPGM
writeCOMMENTwrite Code Comments
XSECDEMCross Sections Using RPMG
xyztoiVector Index to Matrix Index
ymarginfoGet information on Y-margin for plotting
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