RQDA-package: R-based Qualitative Data Analysis package

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Qualitative Data Analysis based on R language. Current version supports plain text. In addition, it can import PDF highlights.


The workhorse function for end-user is the RQDA(), you can use RQDA() to start the GUI after library(RQDA). Please Refer to the documentation section of the project homepage for the usage of RQDA.

The position of ViewFile widget can be controlled by "widgetCoordinate" options, with default value c(400,2). You can change it by options("widgetCoordinate"=c(x,y)), where x and y are integers specifying the position.

The size of many widgets (e.g. ViewFile widgets) can be controlled by "widgetSize" options, with default value c(550,700). You can change it by options("widgetSize"=c(x,y)), where x and y are integers specifying width and height.


Huang Ronggui

Maintainer: Huang <ronggui.huang@gmail.com>


Kelle, U. (ed). 1995. "Computer-aided qualitative data analysis: theory, methods and practice." Sage Publications.

Lewins, A. & Silver, C.2007. Using Software in Qualitative Research : A Step-by-Step Guide. Sage Publications.


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