HorvitzDataRealSurvey: Randomized Response Survey on a sensitive questions

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This data set contains observations from a randomized response survey conducted in a university to sensitive questions described below. The sample is drawn by simple random sampling without replacement. The randomized response technique used is the Horvitz model (Horvitz et al., 1967 and Greenberg et al., 1969) with parameter p=0.5. Each sensitive question is associated with a unrelated question.

1. Were you born in July? with α=1/12

2. Does your ID number end in 2? with α=1/10

3. Were you born of 1 to 20 of the month? with α=20/30

4. Does your ID number end in 5? with α=1/10

5. Were you born of 15 to 25 of the month? with α=10/30

6. Were you born in April? with α=1/12




A data frame containing a sample of 710 observations from a population of N=10777 students. The variables are:


Greenberg, B.G., Abul-Ela, A.L., Simmons, W.R., Horvitz, D.G. (1969). The unrelated question RR model: Theoretical framework. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 64, 520-539.

Horvitz, D.G., Shah, B.V., Simmons, W.R. (1967). The unrelated question RR model. Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association. 65-72. Alexandria, VA: ASA.

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