motcon: Data set on motive congruence.

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Data set on motive congruence.


A dataset containing the explicit power motive, implicit power motive and self ratings of affective valence during a spontaneous speech. The variables are as follows:


A data frame with 84 rows and 3 variables


  • ePow Explicit power motive, measured with a questionnaire (Unified Motive Scales, Schönbrodt & Gerstenberg, 2012). Raw values have been z standardized.

  • iPow Implicit power motive, measure with picture story exercise (6 pictures). Raw motive scores have been controlled for word count and z standardized

  • postVA z standardized valence rating after the speech (‘How did you feel during the speech’). Consists of two bipolar items from the PANAVA questionnaire (Schallberger, 2005): ‘zufrieden ... unzufrieden’ (satisfied ... unsatisfied) and ‘ungluecklich ... gluecklich’ (unhappy ... happy).


Schallberger, U. (2005). Kurzskala zur Erfassung der Positiven Aktivierung, Negativen Aktivierung und Valenz in Experience Sampling Studien (PANAVA-KS) [Short scales for the assessment of positive affect, negative affect, and valence in experience sampling studies]. University of Zurich.

Schönbrodt, F. D., & Gerstenberg, F. X. R. (2012). An IRT analysis of motive questionnaires: The Unified Motive Scales. Journal of Research in Personality, 46, 725-742. doi:10.1016/j.jrp.2012.08.010

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