RSDA: R to Symbolic Data Analysis

Symbolic Data Analysis (SDA) was proposed by professor Edwin Diday in 1987, the main purpose of SDA is to substitute the set of rows (cases) in the data table for a concept (second order statistical unit). This package implements, to the symbolic case, certain techniques of automatic classification, as well as some linear models.

AuthorOldemar Rodriguez R. with contributions from Olger Calderon, Roberto Zuniga and Jorge Arce
Date of publication2015-11-04 01:10:28
MaintainerOldemar Rodriguez <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abalone: SODAS XML data file.

Cardiological: Cardiological data example

centers.interval: Compute centers of the interval

cfa.scatterplot: CFA Symbolic Scatter Plot Generate a symbolic data table

deter.coefficient: Compute the determination cosfficient

display.sym.table: display.sym.table

dist.vect: Compute a distance vector

dist.vect.matrix: Compute the distance vector matrix

ex1_db2so: Data example to generate symbolic objets

example1: Data Example 1

example2: Data Example 2

example3: Data Example 3

example4: Data Example 4

example5: Data Example 5

example6: Data Example 7

example7: Data Example 7

ex_cfa1: Correspondence Analysis Example

ex_cfa2: Correspondence Analysis Example

facedata: Face Data Example

generate.sym.table: Generate a Symbolic Data Table

interscal: Interscal Method

interval.dist: Interval Distance Matrix

interval.dist.tobj: Symbolic Objects Distance

int_prost_test: Linear regression model data example

int_prost_train: Linear regression model data example

lynne1: Symbolic interval data example

lynne2: Symbolic interval data example

neighbors.vertex: Compute neighbors vertex

norm.vect: Compute the norm of a vector

oils: Ichino Oils example data

predictsym.glm: Predict method to Lasso, Ridge and and Elastic Net Linear...

predictsym.lm: Predict method to CM and CRM Linear regression model

R2.L: Lower boundary correlation coefficient.

R2.U: Upper boundary correlation coefficient.

read.sym.table: Read a Symbolic Table

RMSE.L: Lower boundary root-mean-square error

RMSE.U: Upper boundary root-mean-square error

RSDA-package: R to Symbolic Data Analysis SDS SODAS files to RSDA files. XML SODAS files to RSDA files.

StudentsGrades: Data Example Symbolic correspondence analysis Symbolic Circle of Correlations

sym.cor: Symbolic Correlation

sym.cov: Symbolic Covariance

sym.glm: Lasso, Ridge and and Elastic Net Linear regression model to...

sym.hclust: Symbolic Hierarchical Clustering

sym.histogram.pca: Histogram Principal Components Analysis

sym.interval.pc: Compute a symbolic interval principal components curves

sym.interval.pca: Interval Principal Components Analysis

sym.interval.pc.limits: Symbolic interval principal curves limits

sym.kmeans: Symbolic k-Means

sym.lm: CM and CRM Linear regression model Symbolic Linear Regression for two variables

sym.mds: Symbolic Multidemensional Scaling

sym.mean: Symbolic Mean

sym.median: Symbolic Median

sym.obj: Symbolic Object

sym.scatterplot: Symbolic Scatter Plot

sym.scatterplot3d: Symbolic Scatter Plot 3D

sym.scatterplot.ggplot: Symbolic Scatter GGPlot Symbolic Standard Desviation

sym.var: Symbolic Variable (Feature)

sym.variance: Symbolic Variance

USCrime: Us crime classic data table

uscrime_int: Us crime interval data table

variance.princ.curve: Variance of the principal curve

vertex.interval: Vertex of the intervals

VeterinaryData: Symbolic interval data example

write.sym.table: Write Symbolic Data Table


abalone Man page
Cardiological Man page
centers.interval Man page
cfa.scatterplot Man page Man page
deter.coefficient Man page
display.sym.table Man page
dist.vect Man page
dist.vect.matrix Man page
ex1_db2so Man page
example1 Man page
example2 Man page
example3 Man page
example4 Man page
example5 Man page
example6 Man page
example7 Man page
ex_cfa1 Man page
ex_cfa2 Man page
facedata Man page
generate.sym.table Man page
interscal Man page
interval.dist Man page
interval.dist.tobj Man page
int_prost_test Man page
int_prost_train Man page
lynne1 Man page
lynne2 Man page
neighbors.vertex Man page
norm.vect Man page
oils Man page
predictsym.glm Man page
predictsym.lm Man page
R2.L Man page
R2.U Man page
read.sym.table Man page
RMSE.L Man page
RMSE.U Man page
RSDA Man page Man page Man page
StudentsGrades Man page Man page Man page
sym.cor Man page
sym.cov Man page
sym.glm Man page
sym.hclust Man page
sym.histogram.pca Man page
sym.interval.pc Man page
sym.interval.pca Man page
sym.interval.pc.limits Man page
sym.kmeans Man page
sym.lm Man page Man page
sym.mds Man page
sym.mean Man page
sym.median Man page
sym.obj Man page
sym.scatterplot Man page
sym.scatterplot3d Man page
sym.scatterplot.ggplot Man page Man page
sym.var Man page
sym.variance Man page
USCrime Man page
uscrime_int Man page
variance.princ.curve Man page
vertex.interval Man page
VeterinaryData Man page
write.sym.table Man page


RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/vertex.interval.R RSDA/R/process.histogram.variable.R RSDA/R/sym.lm.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/cfa.MatrixZ.R RSDA/R/interval.dist.tobj.R RSDA/R/R2.U.R RSDA/R/process.interval.variable.R RSDA/R/sym.glm.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/display.sym.table.R RSDA/R/variance.princ.curve.R RSDA/R/dist.vect.R RSDA/R/process.inter.cont.variable.R RSDA/R/cfa.scatterplot.R RSDA/R/process.mult.nominal.variable.R RSDA/R/deter.coefficient.R RSDA/R/plotX.slice.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/newSobject.R RSDA/R/process.continue.variable.R RSDA/R/sym.mean.R RSDA/R/process.continuum.variable.R RSDA/R/neighbors.vertex.R RSDA/R/process.mult.nominal.modif.variable.R RSDA/R/RMSE.U.R RSDA/R/interscal.B.R RSDA/R/predictsym.lm.R RSDA/R/sym.median.R RSDA/R/RMSE.L.R RSDA/R/sym.interval.pc.R RSDA/R/read.sym.table.R RSDA/R/process.nominal.variable.R RSDA/R/sym.interval.pc.limits.R RSDA/R/write.sym.table.R RSDA/R/sym.cor.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/sym.var.R RSDA/R/norm.vect.R RSDA/R/R2.L.R RSDA/R/interval.dist.R RSDA/R/cfa.totals.R RSDA/R/sym.variance.R RSDA/R/rightarrow.matrix.R RSDA/R/cfa.CVPRealz.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/process.set.variable.R RSDA/R/dist.vect.matrix.R RSDA/R/sym.obj.R RSDA/R/predictsym.glm.R RSDA/R/sym.hclust.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/sym.mds.R RSDA/R/sym.cov.R RSDA/R/sym.scatterplot.R RSDA/R/sym.scatterplot3d.R RSDA/R/sym.scatterplot.ggplot.R RSDA/R/centers.interval.R RSDA/R/generate.sym.table.R RSDA/R/sym.kmeans.R RSDA/R/cfa.Czz.R RSDA/R/cfa.minmax.R RSDA/R/ RSDA/R/sym.histogram.pca.R RSDA/R/downarrow.matrix.R RSDA/R/interscal.R RSDA/R/sym.normalize.R RSDA/R/sym.interval.pca.R
RSDA/man/R2.L.Rd RSDA/man/sym.interval.pca.Rd RSDA/man/sym.scatterplot.Rd RSDA/man/example2.Rd RSDA/man/example7.Rd RSDA/man/sym.interval.pc.limits.Rd RSDA/man/predictsym.glm.Rd RSDA/man/oils.Rd RSDA/man/example3.Rd RSDA/man/sym.glm.Rd RSDA/man/cfa.scatterplot.Rd RSDA/man/dist.vect.matrix.Rd RSDA/man/sym.lm.Rd RSDA/man/norm.vect.Rd RSDA/man/sym.scatterplot3d.Rd RSDA/man/sym.mean.Rd RSDA/man/vertex.interval.Rd RSDA/man/USCrime.Rd RSDA/man/sym.obj.Rd RSDA/man/deter.coefficient.Rd RSDA/man/read.sym.table.Rd RSDA/man/uscrime_int.Rd RSDA/man/RSDA-package.Rd RSDA/man/sym.var.Rd RSDA/man/interval.dist.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/sym.scatterplot.ggplot.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/lynne2.Rd RSDA/man/ex_cfa2.Rd RSDA/man/example1.Rd RSDA/man/sym.interval.pc.Rd RSDA/man/interscal.Rd RSDA/man/StudentsGrades.Rd RSDA/man/neighbors.vertex.Rd RSDA/man/RMSE.U.Rd RSDA/man/int_prost_test.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/facedata.Rd RSDA/man/sym.cor.Rd RSDA/man/VeterinaryData.Rd RSDA/man/dist.vect.Rd RSDA/man/sym.histogram.pca.Rd RSDA/man/sym.mds.Rd RSDA/man/Cardiological.Rd RSDA/man/centers.interval.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/lynne1.Rd RSDA/man/display.sym.table.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/generate.sym.table.Rd RSDA/man/sym.median.Rd RSDA/man/example5.Rd RSDA/man/predictsym.lm.Rd RSDA/man/sym.kmeans.Rd RSDA/man/sym.cov.Rd RSDA/man/interval.dist.tobj.Rd RSDA/man/sym.variance.Rd RSDA/man/sym.hclust.Rd RSDA/man/abalone.Rd RSDA/man/ex_cfa1.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/int_prost_train.Rd RSDA/man/example4.Rd RSDA/man/write.sym.table.Rd RSDA/man/RMSE.L.Rd RSDA/man/ RSDA/man/example6.Rd RSDA/man/ex1_db2so.Rd RSDA/man/R2.U.Rd RSDA/man/variance.princ.curve.Rd

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