RSEIS: Seismic Time Series Analysis Tools

Multiple interactive codes to view and analyze seismic data, via spectrum analysis, wavelet transforms, particle motion, hodograms. Includes general time-series tools, plotting, filtering, interactive display.

AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2017-03-12 09:02:18
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addpoints.hodo: Add points to a hodogram plot

addtix: add tix to plot

addWPX: Add one pick to WPX file

applytaper: Apply taper to seismic trace


attime12: Epoch Time Window

autoreg: Auto-Regressive Spectrum Estimate

brune.doom: Brune Modeling

brune.func: Brune Earquake Model Search for Brune fit to displacement spectrum

butfilt: Butterworth filter

BUTREPLOT: Replot Function for SELBUT

catWPX: Concatenate two WPX lists

CE1: Single Seismogram

checkWPX: Check WPX

choosfilt: INteractive CHoice of Filter

CHOP.SEISN: CHOP SEISmic structure

circ: Draw a circle

cleanpickfile: Clean up Pickfile structure

cleanWPX: Clean WPX

colorwig: Plot a seimic trace colored in time

Comp1Dvel: Compare a pair of 1D models

Comp1Dvels: Compare 1D models

comp.env: Compare Envelopes

complex.hodo: HodoGram Plot

COMPorder: Seismic Component Order

contwlet: Contour Wavelet Transform

convert2Rseis: Convert Seismic data to RSEIS

convertATT: DateHour to List

correct.moveout: Moveout Correction

DAYSperYEAR: Days per Year

DECIMATE.SEISN: Decimate a set of traces

deconinst: Deconvolve instrument response from seismic data

deleteWPX: Delete picks to WPX file

detail.pick: Detail Pick on 3-component seismogram

detrend: Remove trend from time series signal

DISPLACE.SEISN: Displacement seismogram

distseisnXY: Distances from an RSEIS list

doGABOR.AR: Gabor Transform with AR spectrum method

doGABOR.MTM: Evolutive MTM Spectrum

doMYBUTTS: Dummy Button Function

DO.PMOT.ARR: Particle Motion Analysis with arrows

DOsgram: Gabor transform

dowiggles: Plot wiggles

editDB: Edit Data Base

EmptyPickfile: Create an empty RSEIS pickfile structure

EmptySEIS: Create an empty RSEIS structure

envelope: Envelope Function with Hilbert Transform

EPOCHday: Epoch Day

EPOCHyear: Epoch Year

ETECTG: Event Detection

evolAR: Evolutive Auto-Regressive Spectrum

evolfft: Spectrogram fft

evolMTM: Evolutive Multi-taper Spectrum

filedatetime: Create a character string from a date

filterstamp: Make Filter Stamp

FILT.SEISN: Filter Traces

FILT.spread: Filter trace with a spread of filters

finteg: Integration in Frequency Domain

fixcompname: Fix component names for uniformity

fixcomps: Fix Station Component Names

fixNA: Fix NA values.

fixUWstasLL: fixUWstasLL

fromjul: given julian day and year get month/day

FRWDft: Forward fourier Transform

gaddtix: add tic marks

GAZI: Get azimuthal particle motion

genrick: Ricker Wavelet

Get1Dvel: Read 1D velocity model

GETARAIC: Auto-Regressive AIC estimate of arrival time

getb1b2: Event Detection

get.corner: Get Corner Frequency: Linear Model

getEcard: Error Card

getFcard: Parse UW F Card

getGHtime: Get Seismic reference time

getHcard: Parse UW Hires location Card

getIRIS: get Hypocenters from IRIS web site

getjul: Get Julian day

getmoday: Get Month Day

getNcard: Parse Name Card

getPDEcsv: Unpack PDE file

getpfile: Get Pick File

getphaselag2: Phase Lag

getrdpix: get read picks

GET.seis: Reads various seismic file formats

getseis24: Get 24 Hours of Seismic Data

get.slepians: Get Slepian Tapers

getvertsorder: Get Order of Picks from P-wave Arrivals

GH: Earthquake Seismic Data

ghstamp: Identification stamp for RSEIS data

GLUE.GET.seis: GLUE.GET.seis


gpoly: Convert Poles and Zeros to Polynomial

GreatDist: Distance Along Great Circle Arc

grotseis: Get seismic rotation matrix

hilbert: Hilbert Transform

hilow: Find Maxima and Minima

hodogram: HodoGram Plot

hypot: Hypot

idpoints.hodo: ID points on Hodogram

infoDB: Print information about the seismic database

info.seis: Information on a Seismic record

insertNAs: Insert NA in a vector at given break points

INSTFREQS: Instrument Frequencies

INSTresponse: Instrument Respnse Function

integ1: Integrate seismogram

INVRft: Inverse Fourier Transform

j2posix: Convert RSEIS date list to Posix

jadjust.length: Zero Padding

JBLACK: Gray scale Color Palette

JGRAY: Gray scale Color Palette

jitter.lab: Jitter a set of labels

jlegend: plot a legend

jpolyval: Polynomial Value

JSAC.seis: JSAC.seis

jstats: statistics of a vector

Jtim: Decimal Julian Day

KH: Volcano Seismic Data

lagplot: Plot phase lags

leests: Time Series Structure

legitpix: Legitimate picks in swig Add letters to the corners of plots in multiple figures

LocalUnwrap: Unwrap spectrum phase

logspace: Logarithm

longfft: Long FFT Spectrogram

makeDB: Create a seismic Waveform Database

makefreq: Make Frequency

markseis24: Mark 24 hour seismic display

matsquiggle: Matrix Seismic Record

Mine.seis: Mine a seismic data base to extract secions of time limited...

mirror.matrix: mirror matrix

Mmorlet: Morlet Wavelet

mtapspec: MTM spectrum

MTMdisp: MTMdisp Interactive MTM driver

MTMgabor: Evolutive MTM Spectrum

MTMplot: Plot Multi-taper Spectrum

NEW.getUWSTAS: get UW station file

NEWPLOT.WPX: Plot Window Picks (WPX)

next2: Next Power of Two

OH: Delta-O18 isotpe record

one: one plotting region

P2GH: XTR button to RSEIS

parseFN2STA: get station from file name

parse.pde: Parse PDE file

partmotnet: Particle Motion on Stereonet

PDE2list: Convert PDEs to List

peaks: Peaks

PICK.DOC: Documentation for swig

pickgeninfo: print swig information

pickhandler: Handle Pick in RSEIS

pickit: Automatic Picking Algorithm

pickseis24: Pick zooms on 24 hour display

plocator: Specialized Locator function

PLOT.ALLPX: plot all phase arrival picks

plotarrivals: plot theoretical arrival times for a seismic section

plotDB: Plot a time line of a DB set in RSEIS

plotevol: Plot Spectrogram

plotJGET: Plot JGET output

PLOT.MATN: plot a matrix of several seismograms

plotseis24: Plot 24 hours of seismic data

PLOT.SEISN: Plot Seismic Section

PLOT.TTCURVE: Plot Seismic Section, travel time curve

plotwlet: Plot Wavelet Transform

plt.MTM0: Plot MTM structure

PLTpicks: Plot picks on seismic record Interactive Particle Motion Plot

PPIX: P-picking

prep1wig: Prepare structure for RSEIS

prepSEIS: Prepare structure for RSEIS

PreSet.Instr: Set up Standard Instrument Responses

PSTLTcurve: Short Term/Long Term curve

Put1Dvel: Dump a velocity model to an ascii file

pwlet2freqs: Convert Wavelet Axis to Frequency

rangedatetime: Range of Date Time

Ray.time1D: Seismic 1D Travel Time and raypath

rdistaz: Distance and Azimuth from two points

rDUMPLOC: DUMP vectors to screen in list format

read1segy: Read one SEGY/SAC file

ReadInstr: Read Instrument Response in IRIS SEED format

ReadSet.Instr: Read Instrument Response file

readUW.OSTAS: Parse UW O-Cards

recdate: Rectify Date

repairWPX: Repair WPX

replaceWPX: Replace picks in WPX file

rseis2segy: Convert RSEIS to SEGY/SAC format

RSEIS-package: Seismic Analysis and Display

rsspec.taper: Taper spectrum

ruler: Column Ruler

save.wpix: Save WPIX from swig output

saveWPX: Save WPX

scal2freqs: Wavelet Frequency Scale

screens: screens


secdif: Return difference in seconds

secdifL: Seconds Difference

secdifv: Seconds Difference

segy2rseis: Read in multiple segy files.

seiscols: Set colors for seismic display

SEISNtime: Minimum time in an RSEIS list

seisorder: Order seismic traces

selAPX: Select Picks

SELBUT: Select Buttons

selpgen: Pick stations and components interactively

SELSTA: Pick stations and components interactively

selstas: Select Stations

SENSORsensitivity: Sensor Sensitivity from a known set of seismo/acoustic sensor

setLQUAKE: Set Up data for earthquake location

setstas: Set Station information

setupDB: Set up a seismic data base

setwelch: Set up Matrix of fft for Welch method

setwpix: Set Window Pix for swig

setWPX: Set WPX

setypx: Create an empty window pick list

showdatetime: Print Date/TIME

sigconv: Convolve spikes with wavelets

sigconvGR: convolve for Ground roll stereonet representation of particle motion Interactive Spectrogram Driver

STLTcurve: Short-term/Long-term Average curve

swig: Seismic Wiggle Analysis

swig.ALLPX: plot all phase arrival picks

symshot1: Simulate a seismic shot

sysinfo: System Information

T12.pix: Get T1, T2

Thresh.J: Threshold Adjuster

TOCART: Convert to Cartesian coordinates

tojul: Julian Day

tomo.colors: Tomography Colors

trapz: Integrate using trapezoidal rule

travel.time1D: Seismic Travel Time 1D

tung.pulse: Volcanic Pulse Analysis

unpackAcard: Parse Acard from UW-format pickfile

uwpfile2ypx: UW pickfile to pphase pick data.frame

varsquig: Var-Squiggle plot

varsquiggle: Var-Squiggle Plot

VELMOD1D: Sample Velocity Model

VELOCITY.SEISN: Velocity Seismogram

view.seis: Veiw seismic data window

vlen: vector length

vline: vertical line on trace panel

wiggle.env: Plot time series envelope

wiggleimage: Seismic section

WINGH: Window a GH structure and extract data

winmark: Window Mark

winseis24: Locator for plotseis24 Return Wavelet transform Interactive wavelet transform driver

write1segy: Write One segy file

writeUW.Acard: writeUW.Acard

writeUW.Commentcard: writeUW.Commentcard

writeUW.DOTcard: writeUW.DOTcard

writeUW.Ecard: writeUW.Ecard

writeUW.Fcard: writeUW.Fcard

writeUW.Hcard: writeUW.Hcard

writeUW.Ncard: writeUW.Ncard

writeUW.OSTAScard: writeUW.OSTAScard

writeUWpickfile: UW formatted ascii pickfile

X2RSEIS: Extract data to RSEIS file

X2SAC: Extract Data to SAC format

xcor2: Cross Correlation

xprod: Vector Cross Product

XTR: Buttons for swig

xtract.trace: Extract trace

yeardate: time in decimal years

YPIX: PICK Buttons for swig

YRsecdif: Return difference in seconds

Zdate: Date functions

zlocator: zlocator



addpoints.hodo Man page
addtix Man page
addWPX Man page
Apic Man page
applytaper Man page
attime12 Man page
autoreg Man page
blankevol Man page
brune.doom Man page
brune.func Man page Man page
butfilt Man page
catWPX Man page
CE1 Man page
CENTER Man page
checkWPX Man page
choosfilt Man page
circ Man page
cleanpickfile Man page
cleanWPX Man page
colorwig Man page
Comp1Dvel Man page
Comp1Dvels Man page
comp.env Man page
complex.hodo Man page
COMPorder Man page
contwlet Man page
convert2Rseis Man page
convertATT Man page
correct.moveout Man page
dateList Man page
dateStamp Man page
DAYSperYEAR Man page
deconinst Man page
deleteWPX Man page
detail.pick Man page
detrend Man page
distseisnXY Man page
DOC Man page
doGABOR.AR Man page
doGABOR.MTM Man page
doMYBUTTS Man page
DO.PMOT.ARR Man page
DOsgram Man page
dowiggles Man page
editDB Man page
EmptyPickfile Man page
EmptySEIS Man page
envelope Man page
EPOCHday Man page
EPOCHyear Man page
ETECTG Man page
evolAR Man page
evolfft Man page
evolMTM Man page
filedatetime Man page
FILLPIX Man page
FILT Man page
filterstamp Man page
FILT.spread Man page
finteg Man page
fixcompname Man page
fixcomps Man page
fixNA Man page
fixUWstasLL Man page
FLIP Man page
FmakeDB Man page
fromjul Man page
FRWDft Man page
fspread Man page
gaddtix Man page
GAZI Man page
genrick Man page
Get1Dvel Man page
getANSS Man page
getb1b2 Man page
get.corner Man page
getEcard Man page
getFcard Man page
getGHtime Man page
getHcard Man page
getIRIS Man page
getjul Man page
getmoday Man page
getNcard Man page
getPDEcsv Man page
getPDEscreen Man page
getpfile Man page
getphaselag2 Man page
getrdpix Man page
GET.seis Man page
getseis24 Man page
get.slepians Man page
getvertsorder Man page
GH Man page
ghstamp Man page
GLUE.GET.seis Man page
GLUEseisMAT Man page
gpoly Man page
GreatDist Man page
grotseis Man page
HALF Man page
hilbert Man page
hilow Man page
hodogram Man page
hypot Man page
idpoints.hodo Man page
iNEXT Man page
infoDB Man page
info.seis Man page
insertNAs Man page
INSTresponse Man page
integ1 Man page
INVRft Man page
j2posix Man page
jadjust.length Man page
JBLACK Man page
JGET.seis Man page
JGRAY Man page
jitter.lab Man page
jlegend Man page
jpolyval Man page
JSAC.seis Man page
JSEGY.seis Man page
jstats Man page
Jtim Man page
JtimL Man page
JustE Man page
JustN Man page
JustV Man page
KH Man page
lagplot Man page
leests Man page
LEFT Man page
legitpix Man page Man page
LocalUnwrap Man page
LocStyle Man page
logspace Man page
longfft Man page
longpstart Man page
longreset Man page
makeDB Man page
makefreq Man page
many.time1D Man page
MARK Man page
markseis24 Man page
matsquiggle Man page
Mine.seis Man page
mirror.matrix Man page
Mmorlet Man page
mtapspec Man page
MTMdisp Man page Man page
MTMgabor Man page
MTMplot Man page
NEW.getUWSTAS Man page
NEXT Man page
next2 Man page
NOPIX Man page
noPS Man page
OH Man page
one Man page
P2GH Man page
pADDPIX Man page
parseFN2STA Man page
parse.pde Man page
partmotnet Man page
pathDB Man page
PDE2list Man page
Pdown Man page
peaks Man page
PICK.DOC Man page
pickgeninfo Man page
pickhandler Man page
pickit Man page
pickseis24 Man page
PickWin Man page
Pinfo Man page
plocator Man page
plotarrivals Man page
plotDB Man page
plotevol Man page
plotevol2 Man page
plotJGET Man page
PLOT.MATN Man page
plotseis24 Man page
plotwlet Man page
plt.MTM0 Man page
PLTpicks Man page Man page
Pnil Man page
Ppic Man page
PPIX Man page
prep1wig Man page
prepSEIS Man page
PreSet.Instr Man page
PREV Man page
PSEL Man page
PSTLTcurve Man page
PTS Man page
Pup Man page
Put1Dvel Man page
pwlet2freqs Man page
rangedatetime Man page
Ray.time1D Man page
rdistaz Man page
rDUMPLOC Man page
read1sac Man page
read1segy Man page
ReadInstr Man page
ReadSet.Instr Man page
readUW.OSTAS Man page
recdate Man page
recdatel Man page
REFRESH Man page
repairWPX Man page
REPIX Man page
replaceWPX Man page
RESTORE Man page
RIDPIX Man page
RIGHT Man page
RMS Man page
ROT.RT Man page
RSEIS Man page
rseis2sac Man page
rseis2segy Man page
RSEIS-package Man page
rsspec.taper Man page
ruler Man page
sac2rseis Man page
save.wpix Man page
saveWPX Man page
scal2freqs Man page
SCALE Man page
screens Man page
secdif Man page
secdifL Man page
secdifv Man page
SEEPIX Man page
segy2rseis Man page
seiscols Man page
SEISNtime Man page
seisorder Man page
selAPX Man page
SELBUT Man page
selpgen Man page
SELSTA Man page
selstas Man page
selWPX Man page
SENSORsensitivity Man page
setLQUAKE Man page
setstas Man page
setupDB Man page
setwelch Man page
setwpix Man page
setWPX Man page
setypx Man page
SGRAM Man page
showdatetime Man page
sigconv Man page
sigconvGR Man page Man page
SPEC Man page Man page
Spic Man page
STLTcurve Man page
swig Man page
swig.ALLPX Man page
symshot1 Man page
sysinfo Man page
T12.pix Man page
Thresh.J Man page
TOCART Man page
tojul Man page
tomo.colors Man page
trapz Man page
travel.time1D Man page
TSHIFT Man page
tung.pulse Man page
UNFILT Man page
unpackAcard Man page
uwpfile2ypx Man page
varsquig Man page
varsquiggle Man page
VELMOD1D Man page
view.seis Man page
vlen Man page
vline Man page
wiggle.env Man page
wiggleimage Man page
WINGH Man page
winmark Man page
winseis24 Man page
WLET Man page Man page Man page
WPIX Man page
write1sac Man page
write1segy Man page
writeUW.Acard Man page
writeUW.Commentcard Man page
writeUW.DOTcard Man page
writeUW.Ecard Man page
writeUW.Fcard Man page
writeUW.Hcard Man page
writeUW.Ncard Man page
writeUW.OSTAScard Man page
writeUWpickfile Man page
WWIN Man page
X2RSEIS Man page
X2SAC Man page
xcor2 Man page
xprod Man page
XTR Man page
XTR Man page
xtract.trace Man page
Xwin Man page
yeardate Man page
YPIX Man page
YRsecdif Man page
YRsecdifL Man page
Zdate Man page
zlocator Man page Man page
ZOOM.out Man page


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RSEIS/R/hilbert.R RSEIS/R/attime12.R RSEIS/R/convert2Rseis.R RSEIS/R/vline.R RSEIS/R/hypot.R RSEIS/R/segy2rseis.R RSEIS/R/Put1Dvel.R RSEIS/R/pickseis24.R RSEIS/R/FILT.spread.R RSEIS/R/DO.PMOT.ARR.R RSEIS/R/MTMdisp.R RSEIS/R/plotDB.R RSEIS/R/xprod.R RSEIS/R/readUW.OSTAS.R RSEIS/R/rsspec.taper.R RSEIS/R/ghstamp.R RSEIS/R/GreatDist.R RSEIS/R/travel.time1D.R RSEIS/R/getIRIS.R RSEIS/R/pickFUNCS.R RSEIS/R/varsquig.R RSEIS/R/secdif.R RSEIS/R/Get1Dvel.R RSEIS/R/INSTresponse.R RSEIS/R/prepSEIS.R RSEIS/R/GLUE.GET.seis.R RSEIS/R/genrick.R RSEIS/R/plotwlet.R RSEIS/R/jadjust.length.R RSEIS/R/recdate.R RSEIS/R/PLOT.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/getjul.R RSEIS/R/STLTcurve.R RSEIS/R/SENSORsensitivity.R RSEIS/R/rseis2sac.R RSEIS/R/setwelch.R RSEIS/R/rDUMPLOC.R RSEIS/R/getPDEscreen.R RSEIS/R/write1sac.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/grotseis.R RSEIS/R/comp.env.R RSEIS/R/peaks.R RSEIS/R/YPIX.R RSEIS/R/T12.pix.R RSEIS/R/ZOOM.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/JSAC.seis.R RSEIS/R/ETECTG.R RSEIS/R/getPDEcsv.R RSEIS/R/Jtim.R RSEIS/R/doGABOR.AR.R RSEIS/R/secdifL.R RSEIS/R/idpoints.hodo.R RSEIS/R/convertATT.R RSEIS/R/wiggle.env.R RSEIS/R/parse.pde.R RSEIS/R/read1segy.R RSEIS/R/GLUEseisMAT.R RSEIS/R/setWPX.R RSEIS/R/symshot1.R RSEIS/R/xcor2.R RSEIS/R/WINGH.R RSEIS/R/recdatel.R RSEIS/R/NEW.getUWSTAS.R RSEIS/R/doMYBUTTS.R RSEIS/R/seiscols.R RSEIS/R/GAZI.R RSEIS/R/rangedatetime.R RSEIS/R/evolAR.R RSEIS/R/catWPX.R RSEIS/R/secdifv.R RSEIS/R/saveWPX.R RSEIS/R/DECIMATE.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/sysinfo.R RSEIS/R/contwlet.R RSEIS/R/dowiggles.R RSEIS/R/one.R RSEIS/R/EmptyPickfile.R RSEIS/R/write1segy.R RSEIS/R/PreSet.Instr.R RSEIS/R/tojul.R RSEIS/R/selstas.R RSEIS/R/P2GH.R RSEIS/R/Comp1Dvel.R RSEIS/R/plocator.R RSEIS/R/buttonFUNCS.R RSEIS/R/showdatetime.R RSEIS/R/plotevol.R RSEIS/R/wigFUNCS.R RSEIS/R/replaceWPX.R RSEIS/R/INVRft.R RSEIS/R/PickWIN.R RSEIS/R/PLOT.ALLPX.R RSEIS/R/save.wpix.R RSEIS/R/plt.MTM0.R RSEIS/R/selWPX.R RSEIS/R/lagplot.R RSEIS/R/longfft.R RSEIS/R/deleteWPX.R RSEIS/R/ruler.R RSEIS/R/pickit.R RSEIS/R/INSTFREQS.R RSEIS/R/sigconvGR.R RSEIS/R/getb1b2.R RSEIS/R/zlocator.R RSEIS/R/pathDB.R RSEIS/R/JGRAY.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/circ.R RSEIS/R/getvertsorder.R RSEIS/R/EmptySEIS.R RSEIS/R/yeardate.R RSEIS/R/parseFN2STA.R RSEIS/R/makeDB.R RSEIS/R/VELOCITY.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/JGET.seis.R RSEIS/R/longpstart.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/LocalUnwrap.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/PSTLTcurve.R RSEIS/R/ASCII.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/selpgen.R RSEIS/R/getrdpix.R RSEIS/R/PLOT.TTCURVE.R RSEIS/R/get.corner.R RSEIS/R/plotseis24.R RSEIS/R/fromjul.R RSEIS/R/NEWPLOT.WPX.R RSEIS/R/partmotnet.R RSEIS/R/WRITEUW.R RSEIS/R/editDB.R RSEIS/R/jlegend.R RSEIS/R/YRsecdif.R RSEIS/R/hodogram.R RSEIS/R/setwpix.R RSEIS/R/wiggleimage.R RSEIS/R/pADDPIX.R RSEIS/R/pwlet2freqs.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/scal2freqs.R RSEIS/R/addWPX.R RSEIS/R/CHOP.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/fixcomps.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/getphaselag2.R RSEIS/R/DISPLACE.SEISN.R RSEIS/R/setLQUAKE.R RSEIS/R/hilow.R RSEIS/R/SEISNtime.R RSEIS/R/infoDB.R RSEIS/R/dateList.R RSEIS/R/BUTREPLOT.R RSEIS/R/choosfilt.R RSEIS/R/setypx.R RSEIS/R/doGABOR.MTM.R RSEIS/R/get.slepians.R RSEIS/R/evolfft.R RSEIS/R/colorwig.R RSEIS/R/PLOT.MATN.R RSEIS/R/many.time1D.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/correct.moveout.R RSEIS/R/read1sac.R RSEIS/R/JtimL.R RSEIS/R/unpackAcard.R RSEIS/R/Zdate.R RSEIS/R/PPIX.R RSEIS/R/insertNAs.R RSEIS/R/Thresh.J.R RSEIS/R/jitter.lab.R RSEIS/R/filterstamp.R RSEIS/R/selAPX.R RSEIS/R/legitpix.R RSEIS/R/pickgeninfo.R RSEIS/R/X2SAC.R RSEIS/R/j2posix.R RSEIS/R/SELBUT.R RSEIS/R/DAYSperYEAR.R RSEIS/R/deconinst.R RSEIS/R/getmoday.R RSEIS/R/winseis24.R RSEIS/R/Mmorlet.R RSEIS/R/rseis2segy.R RSEIS/R/screens.R RSEIS/R/cleanpickfile.R RSEIS/R/butfilt.R RSEIS/R/markseis24.R RSEIS/R/swig.ALLPX.R RSEIS/R/JBLACK.R RSEIS/R/gaddtix.R RSEIS/R/ RSEIS/R/leests.R RSEIS/R/trapz.R RSEIS/R/dateStamp.R RSEIS/R/PLTpicks.R RSEIS/R/blankevol.R RSEIS/R/xtract.trace.R RSEIS/R/detail.pick.R RSEIS/R/jpolyval.R RSEIS/R/PDE2list.R RSEIS/R/COMPorder.R RSEIS/R/mtapspec.R RSEIS/R/repairWPX.R RSEIS/R/MTMplot.R RSEIS/R/TOCART.R RSEIS/R/tung.pulse.R RSEIS/R/checkWPX.R RSEIS/R/mirror.matrix.R RSEIS/R/evolMTM.R RSEIS/R/applytaper.R RSEIS/R/ReadSet.Instr.R RSEIS/R/SEARCHPIX.R RSEIS/R/EPOCHday.R RSEIS/R/fixNA.R RSEIS/R/MTMgabor.R RSEIS/R/brune.doom.R RSEIS/R/integ1.R RSEIS/R/getGHtime.R RSEIS/R/addtix.R RSEIS/R/winmark.R RSEIS/R/plotarrivals.R RSEIS/R/GETARAIC.R RSEIS/R/prep1wig.R RSEIS/R/logspace.R RSEIS/R/envelope.R RSEIS/R/Ray.time1D.R
RSEIS/man/INVRft.Rd RSEIS/man/recdate.Rd RSEIS/man/doGABOR.AR.Rd RSEIS/man/scal2freqs.Rd RSEIS/man/swig.ALLPX.Rd RSEIS/man/KH.Rd RSEIS/man/leests.Rd RSEIS/man/view.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/Put1Dvel.Rd RSEIS/man/distseisnXY.Rd RSEIS/man/autoreg.Rd RSEIS/man/GETARAIC.Rd RSEIS/man/plotwlet.Rd RSEIS/man/evolMTM.Rd RSEIS/man/getmoday.Rd RSEIS/man/convertATT.Rd RSEIS/man/SELSTA.Rd RSEIS/man/PreSet.Instr.Rd RSEIS/man/YRsecdif.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/travel.time1D.Rd RSEIS/man/colorwig.Rd RSEIS/man/xcor2.Rd RSEIS/man/xprod.Rd RSEIS/man/Jtim.Rd RSEIS/man/setstas.Rd RSEIS/man/GreatDist.Rd RSEIS/man/rsspec.taper.Rd RSEIS/man/lagplot.Rd RSEIS/man/PLTpicks.Rd RSEIS/man/contwlet.Rd RSEIS/man/CHOP.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/comp.env.Rd RSEIS/man/Thresh.J.Rd RSEIS/man/EmptyPickfile.Rd RSEIS/man/integ1.Rd RSEIS/man/envelope.Rd RSEIS/man/plotDB.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/winmark.Rd RSEIS/man/ReadSet.Instr.Rd RSEIS/man/WINGH.Rd RSEIS/man/CE1.Rd RSEIS/man/plocator.Rd RSEIS/man/selstas.Rd RSEIS/man/DO.PMOT.ARR.Rd RSEIS/man/XTR.Rd RSEIS/man/X2RSEIS.Rd RSEIS/man/grotseis.Rd RSEIS/man/zlocator.Rd RSEIS/man/DOsgram.Rd RSEIS/man/showdatetime.Rd RSEIS/man/unpackAcard.Rd RSEIS/man/SEISNtime.Rd RSEIS/man/doMYBUTTS.Rd RSEIS/man/varsquiggle.Rd RSEIS/man/PLOT.TTCURVE.Rd RSEIS/man/fixUWstasLL.Rd RSEIS/man/ETECTG.Rd RSEIS/man/mtapspec.Rd RSEIS/man/trapz.Rd RSEIS/man/get.slepians.Rd RSEIS/man/Comp1Dvel.Rd RSEIS/man/readUW.OSTAS.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.DOTcard.Rd RSEIS/man/DAYSperYEAR.Rd RSEIS/man/ghstamp.Rd RSEIS/man/read1segy.Rd RSEIS/man/addpoints.hodo.Rd RSEIS/man/genrick.Rd RSEIS/man/FILT.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/makeDB.Rd RSEIS/man/sysinfo.Rd RSEIS/man/swig.Rd RSEIS/man/pickit.Rd RSEIS/man/jpolyval.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Ncard.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.OSTAScard.Rd RSEIS/man/JSAC.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/save.wpix.Rd RSEIS/man/addtix.Rd RSEIS/man/selpgen.Rd RSEIS/man/circ.Rd RSEIS/man/convert2Rseis.Rd RSEIS/man/COMPorder.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/Ray.time1D.Rd RSEIS/man/tomo.colors.Rd RSEIS/man/wiggle.env.Rd RSEIS/man/rDUMPLOC.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/pickseis24.Rd RSEIS/man/winseis24.Rd RSEIS/man/EPOCHyear.Rd RSEIS/man/BUTREPLOT.Rd RSEIS/man/PLOT.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Hcard.Rd RSEIS/man/mirror.matrix.Rd RSEIS/man/dowiggles.Rd RSEIS/man/DISPLACE.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/getIRIS.Rd RSEIS/man/hypot.Rd RSEIS/man/filedatetime.Rd RSEIS/man/T12.pix.Rd RSEIS/man/cleanWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/PPIX.Rd RSEIS/man/getPDEcsv.Rd RSEIS/man/hodogram.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/secdifv.Rd RSEIS/man/partmotnet.Rd RSEIS/man/segy2rseis.Rd RSEIS/man/rangedatetime.Rd RSEIS/man/doGABOR.MTM.Rd RSEIS/man/checkWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/GAZI.Rd RSEIS/man/gpoly.Rd RSEIS/man/filterstamp.Rd RSEIS/man/plotevol.Rd RSEIS/man/plotarrivals.Rd RSEIS/man/GLUE.GET.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/detail.pick.Rd RSEIS/man/setwelch.Rd RSEIS/man/plt.MTM0.Rd RSEIS/man/complex.hodo.Rd RSEIS/man/uwpfile2ypx.Rd RSEIS/man/PLOT.MATN.Rd RSEIS/man/PLOT.ALLPX.Rd RSEIS/man/jadjust.length.Rd RSEIS/man/setWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/symshot1.Rd RSEIS/man/JBLACK.Rd RSEIS/man/replaceWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/prep1wig.Rd RSEIS/man/setupDB.Rd RSEIS/man/j2posix.Rd RSEIS/man/TOCART.Rd RSEIS/man/fromjul.Rd RSEIS/man/idpoints.hodo.Rd RSEIS/man/markseis24.Rd RSEIS/man/applytaper.Rd RSEIS/man/cleanpickfile.Rd RSEIS/man/gaddtix.Rd RSEIS/man/STLTcurve.Rd RSEIS/man/peaks.Rd RSEIS/man/write1segy.Rd RSEIS/man/parseFN2STA.Rd RSEIS/man/one.Rd RSEIS/man/next2.Rd RSEIS/man/MTMplot.Rd RSEIS/man/detrend.Rd RSEIS/man/editDB.Rd RSEIS/man/VELMOD1D.Rd RSEIS/man/seiscols.Rd RSEIS/man/insertNAs.Rd RSEIS/man/pickgeninfo.Rd RSEIS/man/getHcard.Rd RSEIS/man/matsquiggle.Rd RSEIS/man/Mmorlet.Rd RSEIS/man/parse.pde.Rd RSEIS/man/info.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/repairWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/NEW.getUWSTAS.Rd RSEIS/man/SEARCHPIX.Rd RSEIS/man/LocalUnwrap.Rd RSEIS/man/xtract.trace.Rd RSEIS/man/makefreq.Rd RSEIS/man/getEcard.Rd RSEIS/man/pickhandler.Rd RSEIS/man/brune.func.Rd RSEIS/man/vlen.Rd RSEIS/man/prepSEIS.Rd RSEIS/man/X2SAC.Rd RSEIS/man/PDE2list.Rd RSEIS/man/getphaselag2.Rd RSEIS/man/EmptySEIS.Rd RSEIS/man/FILT.spread.Rd RSEIS/man/evolfft.Rd RSEIS/man/tojul.Rd RSEIS/man/seisorder.Rd RSEIS/man/ RSEIS/man/Get1Dvel.Rd RSEIS/man/getFcard.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Fcard.Rd RSEIS/man/setypx.Rd RSEIS/man/jlegend.Rd RSEIS/man/GLUEseisMAT.Rd RSEIS/man/deleteWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/getGHtime.Rd RSEIS/man/Comp1Dvels.Rd RSEIS/man/choosfilt.Rd RSEIS/man/GH.Rd RSEIS/man/saveWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/longfft.Rd RSEIS/man/MTMdisp.Rd RSEIS/man/rseis2segy.Rd RSEIS/man/PICK.DOC.Rd RSEIS/man/plotseis24.Rd RSEIS/man/fixcomps.Rd RSEIS/man/JGRAY.Rd RSEIS/man/plotJGET.Rd RSEIS/man/get.corner.Rd RSEIS/man/infoDB.Rd RSEIS/man/varsquig.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Ecard.Rd RSEIS/man/screens.Rd RSEIS/man/getjul.Rd RSEIS/man/pwlet2freqs.Rd RSEIS/man/deconinst.Rd RSEIS/man/SENSORsensitivity.Rd RSEIS/man/jstats.Rd RSEIS/man/DECIMATE.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/ASCII.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Commentcard.Rd RSEIS/man/fixcompname.Rd RSEIS/man/evolAR.Rd RSEIS/man/wiggleimage.Rd RSEIS/man/GET.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/INSTFREQS.Rd RSEIS/man/OH.Rd RSEIS/man/getseis24.Rd RSEIS/man/getvertsorder.Rd RSEIS/man/butfilt.Rd RSEIS/man/getpfile.Rd RSEIS/man/selAPX.Rd RSEIS/man/correct.moveout.Rd RSEIS/man/ReadInstr.Rd RSEIS/man/Zdate.Rd RSEIS/man/setLQUAKE.Rd RSEIS/man/logspace.Rd RSEIS/man/getb1b2.Rd RSEIS/man/yeardate.Rd RSEIS/man/getNcard.Rd RSEIS/man/catWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/MTMgabor.Rd RSEIS/man/P2GH.Rd RSEIS/man/YPIX.Rd RSEIS/man/EPOCHday.Rd RSEIS/man/NEWPLOT.WPX.Rd RSEIS/man/PSTLTcurve.Rd RSEIS/man/sigconvGR.Rd RSEIS/man/getrdpix.Rd RSEIS/man/RSEIS-package.Rd RSEIS/man/FRWDft.Rd RSEIS/man/addWPX.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUWpickfile.Rd RSEIS/man/jitter.lab.Rd RSEIS/man/secdif.Rd RSEIS/man/hilbert.Rd RSEIS/man/ruler.Rd RSEIS/man/setwpix.Rd RSEIS/man/VELOCITY.SEISN.Rd RSEIS/man/legitpix.Rd RSEIS/man/rdistaz.Rd RSEIS/man/Mine.seis.Rd RSEIS/man/fixNA.Rd RSEIS/man/attime12.Rd RSEIS/man/sigconv.Rd RSEIS/man/vline.Rd RSEIS/man/SELBUT.Rd RSEIS/man/hilow.Rd RSEIS/man/brune.doom.Rd RSEIS/man/secdifL.Rd RSEIS/man/INSTresponse.Rd RSEIS/man/tung.pulse.Rd RSEIS/man/finteg.Rd RSEIS/man/writeUW.Acard.Rd RSEIS/man/ZOOM.SEISN.Rd

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