Man pages for RSEIS
Seismic Time Series Analysis Tools

addpoints.hodoAdd points to a hodogram plot
addtixadd tix to plot
addWPXAdd one pick to WPX file
applytaperApply taper to seismic trace
attime12Epoch Time Window
AUGMENTbutfiltButterworth filter with Augmentation
autoregAuto-Regressive Spectrum Estimate
brune.doomBrune Modeling
brune.funcBrune Earquake Model
brune.searchSearch for Brune fit to displacement spectrum
butfiltButterworth filter
BUTREPLOTReplot Function for SELBUT
catWPXConcatenate two WPX lists
CE1Single Seismogram
checkWPXCheck WPX
choosfiltINteractive CHoice of Filter
circDraw a circle
cleanpickfileClean up Pickfile structure
cleanWPXClean WPX
colorwigPlot a seimic trace colored in time
combineSEISCombine SEIS lists
Comp1DvelCompare a pair of 1D models
Comp1DvelsCompare 1D models
comp.envCompare Envelopes
complex.hodoHodoGram Plot
COMPorderSeismic Component Order
contwletContour Wavelet Transform
convert2RseisConvert Seismic data to RSEIS
convertATTDateHour to List
correct.moveoutMoveout Correction
DAYSperYEARDays per Year
DECIMATE.SEISNDecimate a set of traces
deconinstDeconvolve instrument response from seismic data
deleteWPXDelete picks to WPX file
detail.pickDetail Pick on 3-component seismogram
detrendRemove trend from time series signal
DISPLACE.SEISNDisplacement seismogram
distseisnXYDistances from an RSEIS list
DISTxsecDistance Cross section
doGABOR.ARGabor Transform with AR spectrum method
doGABOR.MTMEvolutive MTM Spectrum
doMYBUTTSDummy Button Function
DO.PMOT.ARRParticle Motion Analysis with arrows
DOsgramGabor transform
dowigglesPlot wiggles
editDBEdit Data Base
EmptyPickfileCreate an empty RSEIS pickfile structure
EmptySEISCreate an empty RSEIS structure
envelopeEnvelope Function with Hilbert Transform
EPOCHdayEpoch Day
EPOCHyearEpoch Year
ETECTGEvent Detection
evolAREvolutive Auto-Regressive Spectrum
evolfftSpectrogram fft
evolMTMEvolutive Multi-taper Spectrum
filedatetimeCreate a character string from a date
filterstampMake Filter Stamp
FILT.SEISNFilter Traces
FILT.spreadFilter trace with a spread of filters
fintegIntegration in Frequency Domain
fixcompnameFix component names for uniformity
fixcompsFix Station Component Names
fixNAFix NA values.
fromjulgiven julian day and year get month/day
FRWDftForward fourier Transform
gaddtixadd tic marks
GAZIGet azimuthal particle motion
genrickRicker Wavelet
Get1DvelRead 1D velocity model
GETARAICAuto-Regressive AIC estimate of arrival time
getb1b2Event Detection
get.cornerGet Corner Frequency: Linear Model
getEcardError Card
getFcardParse UW F Card
getGHtimeGet Seismic reference time
getHcardParse UW Hires location Card
getIRISget Hypocenters from IRIS web site
getjulGet Julian day
getmodayGet Month Day
getNcardParse Name Card
getPDEcsvUnpack PDE file
getpfileGet Pick File
getphaselag2Phase Lag
getrdpixget read picks
GET.seisReads various seismic file formats
getseis24Get 24 Hours of Seismic Data
get.slepiansGet Slepian Tapers
getvertsorderGet Order of Picks from P-wave Arrivals
GHEarthquake Seismic Data
ghstampIdentification stamp for RSEIS data
gpolyConvert Poles and Zeros to Polynomial
GreatDistDistance Along Great Circle Arc
grotseisGet seismic rotation matrix
hilbertHilbert Transform
hilowFind Maxima and Minima
hodogramHodoGram Plot
idpoints.hodoID points on Hodogram
infoDBPrint information about the seismic database
info.seisInformation on a Seismic record
insertNAsInsert NA in a vector at given break points
INSTFREQSInstrument Frequencies
INSTresponseInstrument Respnse Function
integ1Integrate seismogram
INVRftInverse Fourier Transform
j2posixConvert RSEIS date list to Posix
jadjust.lengthZero Padding
JBLACKGray scale Color Palette
JGRAYGray scale Color Palette
jitter.labJitter a set of labels
jlegendplot a legend
jpolyvalPolynomial Value
jstatsstatistics of a vector
JtimDecimal Julian Day
KHVolcano Seismic Data
lagplotPlot phase lags
leestsTime Series Structure
legitpixLegitimate picks in swig
letter.itAdd letters to the corners of plots in multiple figures
LocalUnwrapUnwrap spectrum phase
longfftLong FFT Spectrogram
makeDBCreate a seismic Waveform Database
makefreqMake Frequency
markseis24Mark 24 hour seismic display
matsquiggleMatrix Seismic Record
Mine.seisMine a seismic data base to extract secions of time limited...
mirror.matrixmirror matrix
MmorletMorlet Wavelet
mtapspecMTM spectrum
MTM.driveInteractive MTM driver
MTMgaborEvolutive MTM Spectrum
MTMplotPlot Multi-taper Spectrum
NEW.getUWSTASget UW station file
NEWPLOT.WPXPlot Window Picks (WPX)
next2Next Power of Two
OHDelta-O18 isotpe record
oneone plotting region
P2GHXTR button to RSEIS
parseFN2STAget station from file name
parse.pdeParse PDE file
partmotnetParticle Motion on Stereonet
PDE2listConvert PDEs to List
PICK.DOCDocumentation for swig
pickgeninfoprint swig information
pickhandlerHandle Pick in RSEIS
pickitAutomatic Picking Algorithm
pickseis24Pick zooms on 24 hour display
plocatorSpecialized Locator function
Plot1DvelPlot 1D Velocity Model
PLOT.ALLPXplot all phase arrival picks
plotarrivalsplot theoretical arrival times for a seismic section
plotDBPlot a time line of a DB set in RSEIS
plotevolPlot Spectrogram
plotGHPlot a seismic trace.
plotJGETPlot JGET output
PLOT.MATNplot a matrix of several seismograms
plotseis24Plot 24 hours of seismic data
PLOT.SEISNPlot Seismic Section
PLOT.TTCURVEPlot Seismic Section, travel time curve
plotwletPlot Wavelet Transform
plt.MTM0Plot MTM structure
PLTpicksPlot picks on seismic record
PMOT.driveInteractive Particle Motion Plot
prep1wigPrepare structure for RSEIS
prepSEISPrepare structure for RSEIS
PreSet.InstrSet up Standard Instrument Responses
PSTLTcurveShort Term/Long Term curve
Put1DvelDump a velocity model to an ascii file
pwlet2freqsConvert Wavelet Axis to Frequency
rangedatetimeRange of Date Time
Ray.time1DSeismic 1D Travel Time and raypath
rdistazDistance and Azimuth from two points
rDUMPLOCDUMP vectors to screen in list format
read1segyRead one SEGY/SAC file
ReadInstrRead Instrument Response in IRIS SEED format
ReadSet.InstrRead Instrument Response file
readUW.OSTASParse UW O-Cards
recdateRectify Date
repairWPXRepair WPX
replaceWPXReplace picks in WPX file
rseis2segyConvert RSEIS to SEGY/SAC format
rseis2tsConvert RSEIS to TS
RSEIS-packageSeismic Analysis and Display
rsspec.taperTaper spectrum
rulerColumn Ruler
save.wpixSave WPIX from swig output
saveWPXSave WPX
scal2freqsWavelet Frequency Scale
secdifReturn difference in seconds
secdifLSeconds Difference
secdifvSeconds Difference
segy2rseisRead in multiple segy files.
SEIS2listConvert a SEIS list to a list of seismograms
seiscolsSet colors for seismic display
SEISNtimeMinimum time in an RSEIS list
seisorderOrder seismic traces
selAPXSelect Picks
SELBUTSelect Buttons
selpgenPick stations and components interactively
SELSTAPick stations and components interactively
selstasSelect Stations
SENSORsensitivitySensor Sensitivity from a known set of seismo/acoustic sensor
setPrePixSet list of arrival times for swig.
setstasSet Station information
setupDBSet up a seismic data base
setwelchSet up Matrix of fft for Welch method
setwpixSet Window Pix for swig
setypxCreate an empty window pick list
showdatetimePrint Date/TIME
sigconvConvolve spikes with wavelets
sigconvGRconvolve for Ground roll
SNET.drivestereonet representation of particle motion
SPECT.driveInteractive Spectrogram Driver
SpectrumCalculate Different Spectrum Types in Physical Units
STALTAShort term, long term average ratio
STLTcurveShort-term/Long-term Average curve
swigSeismic Wiggle Analysis
swig.ALLPXplot all phase arrival picks
symshot1Simulate a seismic shot
sysinfoSystem Information
T12.pixGet T1, T2
Thresh.JThreshold Adjuster
TOCARTConvert to Cartesian coordinates
tojulJulian Day
tomo.colorsTomography Colors
trapzIntegrate using trapezoidal rule
travel.time1DSeismic Travel Time 1D
tung.pulseVolcanic Pulse Analysis
unpackAcardParse Acard from UW-format pickfile
uwpfile2ypxUW pickfile to pphase pick data.frame
varsquigVar-Squiggle plot
varsquiggleVar-Squiggle Plot
VELMOD1DSample Velocity Model
VELOCITY.SEISNVelocity Seismogram
view.seisVeiw seismic data window
vlenvector length
vlinevertical line on trace panel
wiggle.envPlot time series envelope
wiggleimageSeismic section
WINGHWindow a GH structure and extract data
winmarkWindow Mark
winseis24Locator for plotseis24
wlet.doReturn Wavelet transform
wlet.driveInteractive wavelet transform driver
write1segyWrite One segy file
writeUWpickfileUW formatted ascii pickfile
X2RSEISExtract data to RSEIS file
X2SACExtract Data to SAC format
xcor2Cross Correlation
xprodVector Cross Product
XTRButtons for swig
xtract.traceExtract trace
yeardatetime in decimal years
YPIXPICK Buttons for swig
YRsecdifReturn difference in seconds
ZdateDate functions
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