Man pages for RWildbook
Interface for the 'Wildbook' Wildlife Data Management Framework

dateTOmillisecondTransform a vector of date to a vector of millisecond.
filterstringGenerate the JDOQL part of a filter.
get_osIdentify operating system as Mac, *nix, or Windows
markedDataFormat Wildbook data for mark-recaputure analysis
searchWBPull data from the Wildbook framework.
sexstringGenerate the JDOQL part for the sex filter.
vignette_1_dataData for the first vignette.
vignette_2_dataData for the second vignette.
WBjdoqlGenerate the JDOQL query for the search in the Wildbook...
WBsearchURLGenerate the search URL given the JDOQL query.
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