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This dataset contains the answers of 70 students (40 of third year and 30 of fourth year) from Polytech'Lille (statistics engineering school, France) to the four following quizzes:

Literature Quiz

This quiz consists of ranking four french writers according to chronological order: A=Victor Hugo, B=Moliere, C=Albert Camus, D=Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Football Quiz

This quiz consists of ranking four national football teams according to increasing number of wins in the football World Cup: A=France, B=Germany, C=Brazil, D=Italy.

Mathematics Quiz

This quiz consists of ranking four numbers according to increasing order: A=pi/3, B=log(1), C=exp(2), D=(1+sqrt(5))/2.

Cinema Quiz

This quiz consists of ranking four Tarentino's movies according to chronological order: A=Inglourious Basterds, B=Pulp Fiction, C=Reservoir Dogs, D=Jackie Brown.


A list containing:


a matrix of size 70*16. The student's answers are in row and the 16 columns correspond to the 4 rankings (for the 4 quizzes) of size 4 (ranking representation).

The ranking representation r=(r_1,...,r_m) contains the ranks assigned to the objects, and means that the ith object is in r_ith position.

For example, if the ranking representation of a rank is (4,3,1,2,5), it means that judge ranks the first object in 4th position, second object in 3rd position, ...


a matrix of size 63*17. Each row corresponds to one of the 63 differents observed rankings (ranking representation). Each row contains 4 ranks of size 4 and a last column for the frequency.


a vector with the sizes of the ranks for each dimension.


Julien Jacques

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