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This data set is due to Louis Roussos who asked 130 students at the University of Illinois to rank seven sports according to their preference in participating: A = Baseball, B = Football, C = Basketball, D = Tennis, E = Cycling, F = Swimming, G = Jogging.


A list containing:


a matrix containing 130 ranks of size 7 in ranking representation.

The ranking representation r=(r_1,...,r_m) contains the ranks assigned to the objects, and means that the ith object is in r_ith position.

For example, if the ranking representation of a rank is (4,3,1,2,5), it means that judge ranks the first object in 4th position, second object in 3rd position, ...


a matrix with 123 differents ranks of size 7. In each row the first 7 columns correspond to one observed ranking and the last column contains the observation frequency.


the size of the rankings (m=7).


J.I. Marden. "Analyzing and modeling rank data, volume 64 of Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability". Chapman & Hall, London, 1995.

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