Man pages for RcmdrPlugin.HH
Rcmdr Support for the HH Package

anovaTableI.HHRcmdr interfacce to anova function
bestSubsetsRegressionModel.HHRcmdr interface to the regsubsets function in the leaps...
BoxCoxRcmdr BoxCox demo renamed to active function.
CloseCommanderRestartClose Rcmdr without questions and then restart.
confidenceIntervalsPlotRcmdr interface to plot confidence and prediction intervals...
Dotplot.tbRcmdr menu interface to dotplot(panel=panel.dotplot.tb).
Interaction2wtRcmdrRcmdr menu interface to interaction2wt
latticeFunctionsSupport functions for the Xyplot.HH2 function.
likertRcmdr Menu function to specify a likert plot.
MMCmenuMenu interface to MMC plots.
normalHypothesesPlotRcmdr normalHypothesesPlot and tHypothesesPlot menu.
PredictModelRcmdr menu interface to predict
ProjectorSet Rcmdr options for good visibility on classroom projector...
QQPlot.HHQuantile-Comparison (QQ) Plot
Rcmdr.HH-packageFunctions added to the Rcmdr package to support the...
Regr1PlotRcmdr Menu function to display the squared residuals.
ResizeEtcDialogRcmdr Menu function to specify combining and resizing...
R_optionsSet R options from within R commander.
Scatter3DDialog.HHRcmdr 3D Scatterplot Dialog (HH)
scatter3d.HHThree-Dimensional Scatterplots and Point Identification
scatterPlot.HHScatterplot menu with different defaults than Rcmdr.
scatterPlotMatrix.HHScatterplot Matrices
twoWayTable.HHRcmdr menu interface to chisq.test
Xyplot.HHRcmdr Menu function to specify xyolot, other lattice plots,...
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