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These are enhancements of the Rcmdr Xyplot function (which I wrote) to include layout parameters and plot type, to force solid dots, and to distinguish between conditioning variables in the formula and group variables. Xyplot.HH is an interface to the xyplot function. Xyplot.HH2 is an interface to many of the lattice functions (xyplot, bwplot, splom, barchart, dotplot) and to the formula method for likert in the HH package. When either barchart or panel.barchart is selected, then the argument origin=0 is automatically set. When panel.barchart, the user must manually specify the limits (xlim or ylim) to include zero for the effect of origin=0 to be visible.




Richard M. Heiberger <[email protected]>

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xyplot, likert

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