Man pages for RcmdrPlugin.temis
Graphical Integrated Text Mining Solution

caToolsCorrespondence analysis helper functions
cooccurrentTermsShow terms co-occurrences
corpusCaDlgCorrespondence analysis from a tm corpus
corpusClustDlgHierarchical clustering of a tm corpus
corpusDissimilarityCross-Dissimilarity Table
createClustersCut hierarchical clustering tree into clusters
dissimilarityTableDlgDocuments/Variables Dissimilarity Table
freqTermsDlgList most frequent terms of a corpus
frequentTermsList most frequent terms of a corpus
GDf-classClass '"GDf"'
importCorpusDlgImport a corpus and process it
inspectCorpusInspect corpus
outputOutput results to HTML file
plotCorpusCaPlotting 2D maps in correspondence analysis of corpus
recodeTimeVarDlgRecode Date/Time Variable
restrictTermsDlgSelect or exclude terms
runCorpusCaCorrespondence analysis from a tm corpus
setCorpusVariablesSet corpus variables
setLastTableSave the name of last table and give a title
showCorpusCaShow a correspondence analysis from a tm corpus
specificTermsList terms specific of a document or level
specificTermsDlgList terms specific of a document or level
subsetCorpusByTermsDlgSubset Corpus by Terms
subsetCorpusByVarDlgSubset Corpus by Levels of a Variable
termCoocDlgShow co-occurrent terms
termFreqDlgTerm frequencies in the corpus
termFrequenciesFrequency of chosen terms in the corpus
termsDictionaryDictionary of terms found in a corpus
termTimeSeriesDlgTemporal Evolution of Occurrences
varCrossTableDlgTwo-way table of corpus meta-data variables
varTableDlgOne-way table of a corpus meta-data variable
varTimeSeriesDlgCorpus Temporal Evolution
vocabularyDlgVocabulary Summary
vocabularyTableVocabulary summary table
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