output: Output results to HTML file

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Functions to output tables and plots resulting from analysis of the corpus to an HTML file.


setOutputFile is automatically called the first time an attempt to save a result to the output file happens. It can also be called from the “Export results to report” menu.

openOutputFile launches the configured web browser (see browseURL) to open the current output file. It is automatically called the first time a new output file is set (i.e. when setOutputFile is run).

copyTableToOutput and copyPlotToOutput export objects to the select output HTML file, using the titles that were configured when the objects where created. For plots, a plotting device must be currently open. The graph is saved in the PNG format with a reasonably high quality. For tables, the last created table is used.

enableBlackAndWhite and disableBlackAndWhite functions can be used to produce black and white only graphics adapted for printing and publication. They affect the on-screen device as well as the plot copied to the output file, so that the plot can be checked for readability before exporting it.

HTML.list outputs a list to the HTML report, printing each element of the list right after its name. HTML.ca outputs a correspondence analysis object of class ca to the HTML report. summary.ca is a slightly modified version of summary.ca from the “ca” package to accept non-ASCII characters and not abbreviate document names and terms; it is used by HTML.ca internally.

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