Man pages for Rcpp
Seamless R and C++ Integration

compileAttributesCompile Rcpp Attributes for a Package
compilerCheckCheck for Minimal (g++) Compiler Version
CppClass-classReflection information for an internal c++ class
CppConstructor-classClass "C++Constructor"
CppField-classClass "C++Field"
cppFunctionDefine an R Function with a C++ Implementation
CppFunction-classClass "C++Function"
CppObject-classc++ internal objects
CppOverloadedMethods-classClass "C++OverloadedMethods"
demanglec++ type information
dependsAttributeRcpp::depends Attribute
evalCppEvaluate a C++ Expression
exportAttributeRcpp::export Attribute
exposeClassCreate an Rcpp Module to Expose a C++ Class in R
formalsSet the formal arguments of a C++ function
getRcppVersionExport the Rcpp (API) Package Version
interfacesAttributeRcpp::interfaces Attribute
loadModuleLoad an Rcpp Module into a Package
loadRcppModules-deprecatedLoads Rcpp modules on package startup
ModuleRetrieves an Rcpp module
Module-classRcpp modules
pluginsAttributeRcpp::plugins Attribute
populatePopulates a namespace or an environment with the content of a...
Rcpp-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in the Rcpp Package
Rcpp-internalRcpp internal functions
RcppLdFlagsDeprecated Rcpp Linker Flags
Rcpp-packageR / C++ interface
Rcpp.package.skeletonCreate a skeleton for a new package depending on Rcpp
Rcpp.plugin.makerFacilitating making package plugins
RcppUnitTestsRcpp : unit tests results
registerPluginRegister an inline plugin
setRcppClassCreate a Class Extending a C++ Class
sourceCppSource C++ Code from a File or String
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