Man pages for RcppOctave
Seamless Interface to Octave -- And Matlab

autocompleteAuto-completion for Octave Interface Object
check.equalCompare Lists or Environments
dot-CallOctaveCalling an Octave Function
dot-isPlatformCompatiblePlatform Compatibility Check for RcppOctave
mfilesM Files
o_addpathManipulating Octave Search Path
o_assignAssign/Get Octave Variables
o_clearDeleting Octave Variables
o_config_infoEmbedded Octave Configuration and Installation Information
Octave-classClass Octave: Seamless Access to Octave Functions and...
octave_configOctave Utils: octave-config
Octave.configOctave Configuration and Installation Information
OctaveFunction-classWrapping and Defining Octave Functions from R
Octave.homeOctave Home Directory
OctaveInterfaceDirect Interface to Octave
octave-llLow-level Function Interfacing with Octave
o_evalEvaluate an Octave Expression
o_existChecking Octave Variables
o_helpAccessing Octave Help and Documentation Pages
o_identityOctave Identity Function
o_loadLoading Variables into Octave
o_lsListing Objects from the Current Octave Session
o_rexpDrawing from R Exponential Distribution in Octave
o_rgammaDrawing from R Gamma Distribution in Octave
o_rnormDrawing from R Normal Distribution in Octave
o_rpoisDrawing from R Poisson Distribution in Octave
o_runifDrawing from R Uniform Distribution in Octave
o_sourceSourcing Octave/Matlab Files
o_versionGet Octave Version
o_whoListing Octave Variables
o_whosDetailed Listing of Octave Variables
RcppOctave-packageSeamless Interface to Octave - And Matlab
sourceExamplesLoading Example M-files
system.mfilePath to Package M-files Standard Location
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