Provides functions for manipulation of R documentation objects objects, including function reprompt() for updating existing Rd documentation for functions, methods and classes, function rebib() for import of references from 'bibtex' files, a macro for importing 'bibtex' references which can be used in Rd files and 'roxygen2' comments and other convenience functions for references.


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Inserting references from Bibtex files


To prepare a package for importing BibTeX references it is necessary to tell the package management tools that package Rdpack and its Rd macros are needed. The references should be put in file inst/REFERENCES.bib. These steps are enumerated below in somewhat more detail for convenince, see also the vignette Inserting_bibtex_references.

  1. Add the following lines to file `DESCRIPTION':
Imports: Rdpack
RdMacros: Rdpack

Make sure the capitalisation of RdMacros: is as shown. If the field 'RdMacros' is already present, add 'Rdpack' to the list on that line. Similarly for field 'Imports'.

  1. Add the following line to file `NAMESPACE':

The equivalent line for 'roxygen2' is

#' @importFrom Rdpack reprompt
  1. Create file REFERENCES.bib in subdirectory inst/ of your package and put the bibtex references in it.

Inserting the references

Once the steps outlined in the previous section are done, references can be inserted in the documentation as


where 'key' is the bibtex key of the reference and 'package' is your package. This works in Rd files and in roxygen documentation chunks.

Usually references are put in section 'references'. In n Rd file this might look something like:



The equivalent roxygen2 documentation chunk would be:

#' @references
#' \insertRef{Rpack:bibtex}{Rdpack}
#' \insertRef{R}{bibtex}

The first line above inserts the reference labeled 'Rpack:bibtex' in Rdpack's REFERENCES.bib. The second line inserts the reference labeled 'R' in file REFERENCES.bib from package `bibtex'.

For further details see the vignette at Inserting_bibtex_references, or open it from R:

vignette("Inserting_bibtex_references", package = "Rdpack")

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