Man pages for Rdpack
Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects

append_to_Rd_listAdd content to the element of an Rd object or fragment at a...
bibentry_keyGive the key associated with a bibentry element
char2RdpieceConvert a character vector to Rd piece
compare_usage1Compare usage entries for a function to its actual arguments
c_RdConcatenate Rd objects or pieces
deparse_usageConvert f_usage objects to text appropriate for usage...
erepromptUpdate an Rd file and open it in an editor
format_funusageFormat the usage text of functions
get_bibentriesGet all references from a Bibtex file
get_sig_textProduce the textual form of the signatures of available...
get_usage_textGet the text of the usage section of Rd documentation
insert_all_refInsert references cited in packages
insert_refInsert bibtex references in Rd and roxygen2 documentation
inspect_argsInspect the argument section of an Rd object
inspect_RdInspect and update an Rd object or file
inspect_signaturesInspect signatures of S4 methods
inspect_slotsInspect the slots of an S4 class
inspect_usageInspect the usage section in an Rd object
list_RdCombine Rd fragments
makeVignetteReferenceMake bibtex references for vignettes
parse_pairlistParse formal arguments of functions
parse_RdnameParse the name section of an Rd object
parse_RdpieceParse a piece of Rd source text
parse_RdtextParse Rd source text as the contents of a section
parse_textParse expressions residing in character vectors
parse_usage_textParse usage text
promptPackageSexprGenerates a shell of documentation for an installed package
promptUsageGenerate usage text for functions and methods
RdapplyApply a function over an Rd object
Rd_comboManipulate a number of Rd files
Rdo2RdfConvert an Rd object to Rd file format
Rdo_append_argumentAppend an item for a new argument to an Rd object
Rdo_collect_metadataCollect aliases or other metadata from an Rd object
Rdo_empty_sectionsFind or remove empty sections in Rd objects
Rdo_fetchGet help pages as Rd objects
Rdo_flatinsertInsert or remove content in an Rd fragment
Rdo_get_argument_namesGet the names of arguments in usage sections of Rd objects
Rdo_get_insert_posFind the position of an "Rd_tag"
Rdo_get_item_labelsGet the labels of items in an Rd object
Rdo_insertInsert a new element in an Rd object possibly surrounding it...
Rdo_insert_elementInsert a new element in an Rd object
Rdo_is_newlineCheck if an Rd fragment represents a newline character
Rdo_locateFind positions of elements in an Rd object
Rdo_locate_leavesFind leaves of an Rd object using a predicate
Rdo_macroFormat Rd fragments as macros (todo: a baffling title!)
Rdo_modifyReplace or modify parts of Rd objects
Rdo_modify_simpleSimple modification of Rd objects
Rdo_piecetagGive information about Rd elements
Rdo_remove_srcrefRemove srcref attributes from Rd objects
Rdo_reparseReparse an Rd object
Rdo_sectionsLocate the sections in Rd objects
Rdo_set_sectionReplace a section in an Rd file
Rdo_showConvert an Rd object to text and show it
Rdo_tagSet the Rd_tag of an object
Rdo_tagsGive the Rd tags at the top level of an Rd object
rdo_text_restoreEnsure exported fragments of Rd are as the original
Rdo_whichFind elements of Rd objects for which a condition is true
Rdpack_bibstylesSet up a custom style for references in help pages
Rdreplace_sectionReplace the contents of a section in one or more Rd files
rebibWork with bibtex references in Rd documentation
repromptUpdate the documentation of a topic
RStudio_repromptCall reprompt based on RStudio editor contents
S4formalsGive the formal arguments of an S4 method
set_Rdpack_bibstyleSet up a bibstyle defined in Rdpack
update_aliases_tmpUpdate aliases for methods in Rd objects
viewRdView Rd files in a source package
zzasym_compareTensor comparison and asymmetric comparison between two...
zzbsdupEscape backslashes and percent in Rd code
zzcapture_promptanyInternal functions used by reprompt
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