Man pages for RecordTest
Inference Tools Based on Record Statistics

dailymean.funSeasonal pattern of the mean values
dailysd.funSeasonal pattern of the standar deviation
DaySeries.funTransforms a daily values vector into a matrix
double.funTransforms a T \times M in a [T/2] \times 2M matrix
I.recIndicator of record occurrence
L_lr.testAsymptotic likelihood ratio test on record times
L_MC.testMonte Carlo likelihood ratio test on record times
L.plotPlot of the times of record
L.recTimes of records
mintime.cor.testExtracts a subset of uncorrelated vectors
M.recNumber of records in M vectors at each time
N_joint.plotPlot of the difference (or ratio) between the number of upper...
N_joint.testMonte Carlo test on the number of upper and lower records
Nmean.recMean number of records
N_normal.testNormal test on the number of records
N.plotPlot of the mean number of records up to time t
N.recNumber of records up to time t
P_chisq.testChi-Square test on record probabilities
P_exactPB.testExact Poisson binomial test on record probabilities
P_regression.plotPlot of record probabilities
P_regression.testRegression test on record probabilities
RecordTest-packageRecord test: A package for testing the classical record model
std.funRemoving seasonal components of a vector
value.recRecord values
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