Herring: Herring data

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This dataset contains data from ripening experiments of herring regarding the physical/chemical changes observed in the herrings and quantitative descriptive sensory evaluation on the same herrings.




The dataset contains the following list:


A 7x10 matrix of observation x physical/chemical changes of herrings.


A 7x10 matrix of observation x sensory data of herrings


This dataset is a small part of a large, publicly available dataset stored at http://www.models.life.ku.dk.


This dataset is part of the herring dataset at http://www.models.life.ku.dk. Also see, 1) Rasmus Bro, Henrik Hauch Nielsen, Gu<c3><b0>mundur Stef<c3><a1>nsson, Torstein Sk<c3><a5>ra, A Phenomenological Study of Ripening of Salted Herring. Assessing homogeneity of data from different countries and laboratories; J. Chemom., 16:81-88, 2002 and 2) Nielsen HH, Bro R, Stefansson G, Sk<c3><a5>ra T, Salting and ripening of herring - collection and analysis of research results and industrial experience within the Nordic countries, TemaNord 1999:578, ISBN 92-893-0371-9, Nordic Council of Ministers, 1999.

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